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Graduation day in Gran Canaria ... who'd have thought?!

I was due to complete my final run whilst away for our summer holiday. I had a dilemma over whether or not to pack my running stuff but decided to go ahead and see what happened. When we got to the resort there was an obvious running route down to the beach and round the marina (certainly makes a change from the housing estates that I currently run round!). Who knew that so many other people took their running stuff with them on their hols! I passed so many other people out running that it felt like a little secret club.

So, on our penultimate day in the resort I completed the programme. I am beyond chuffed with myself for getting this far. I even celebrated on our return by completing the C25K+ Stepping Stone podcast and it actually felt ok.

I'm so pleased that I started this programme and will continue to recommend it to as many people as possible. Anything that can get my lazy backside off the sofa has to be a good thing :)

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What a lovely way to graduate! Congratulations, it sounds lovely!


Congratulations Frocky, great achievement.


Well done Frocky even more so running in the heat while on holiday, congratulations.

Which resort did you stay in, thats were we are thinking of going later on this year, I was fancying Maspalomas. We usually head for Sharm but I want a change this year.


Thanks Oldgirl. We stayed in an apartment in Puerto de Mogan ... Small, quiet resort (perfect for what we like). We went to Maspalomas a few times and it's a great beach with waves that kept my son entertained for hours!! We've never been to Sharm so I can't compare the two.


Thanks everyone! And as lovely as it was to graduate there it is much nicer to run in the cooler climate of the UK. Of course I might not be quite so keen on that statement when winter rolls around!!


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