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Slow 5k last run in Gran Canaria

Today was my last run in GC. A great holiday with my family. Never thought in April when I started C25K I would be taking running kit on holiday much less being so addicted to do 3 runs a week. Actually it worked out as 7 runs in 2 weeks and I feel fantastic.

Today was slow completing 5k in 34 mins. A bit of walking on a really steep part but hey I'm on holiday.

Back to blighty tomorrow night and looking forward to cooler temperatures for running.

Good luck on your runs today !

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Well done GF, you've done well keeping up your running on holiday!

Get ready for the cooler weather here; there is a definite autumn feel in the air back in the uk - it's refreshing though:)


Sounds good to me jaxmc


I'm dead jealous of folks running on holiday. I wanna holiday so I can run along a lovely beach with the sea spray in my hair. Sulk!

S'not fair

Glad to hear you had a lovely holiday GF. You'll probably come back fitter than when you left!

It's not a bad day here today, quite bright and sunny. Not too warm mind you but good running weather.


Still think I will be a bit bigger than when I went. Back to old clothes and porridge tomorrow


Sounds great!


Thanks Kk it does feel a bit indulgent just doing something for myself but the rest don't get up until later ;-)


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