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Did anyone repeat the W5 runs?

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I'm doing this programme to build stamina after having a horrible back for years when my muscles turned into so much jelly, and I'm really scared of doing too much too quick now. I peched and panted my way through W4, wondered if I should repeat a run and then thought no, enough of the W4 music, I'll do W5R1 and I can repeat that. Went out this morning thinking, I won't make this, I don't even want to be here, why am I doing this - and it was the best run I've had I think. Even managed a slight speed-up when Laura said 1 more minute. But now I'm really unsure what to do - should I repeat this run, maybe going for a bit more speed in the walking sections, or should I crack on with W5R2? The music was quite nice today, seems a pity to waste it and I don't want to do too much - any others running after back trouble who could advise?

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Keep going as planned but keep the speed WAY down, don't be tempted to step up the pace because you feel good. In my opinion there is no need to repeat the session you just did. You did it - well done, and you'll be fine for the next one as long as you start off nice and easy. Just go the distance :)

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Thanks - sometimes it's like walking a tightrope... :-)

Don't worry, my speed today on the first 5 mins was practically backwards. Maybe I should just go for it, I just worry I'd get so into it I'd end up being stupid and pushing myself too hard. Was nice to have a good run after horrible W4 though.

I'd say only repeat a run if you're really struggling with it. If you have a great run then treat it as onwards and upwards. I repeated W5R2 as I was really worried about R3 in that week and wanted to be ready for it, but I now wish I hadn't as it really made me doubt myself. Good luck and the music is pretty good throughout so don't let that be an excuse (I used that on W5R2 but it was just cos I was scared).

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:-) You've both convinced me now - thanks! I haven't repeated a run since W3 and so far I've been out every second day... so I'll see how R2 goes now and then decide what to do. My personal goal this programme was actually W5R3 - thought I'd be quite happy running 20 mins 2-3 times a week for the rest of my life... but maybe once I get there Laura'll push me on... :-)

It's all about building stamina, not speed so there's no need to repeat a run unless you failed it. If you did it, no matter how slow, you will be able to do the next one. Focus on getting through the podcast each time and you can work on getting faster when you have graduated. 30-40 minutes vigorous exercise is going to go a long way towards building stamina and strengthening muscles so go for it and have confidence in yourself and Laura :)

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MittsGraduate in reply to happierswimming

You're right, it sounds so logical when you put it like that. So I'll do a nice slow W5R2 on Tues and see how that goes. Thanks :-)

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