W8r3 done,vairy eenteresting run!

Today my route included the canal path... I passed a swan with 4 enormous teenage cygnets and this worried me a bit, but they left me alone. Then I passed a man asleep under a bridge, this nearly scared me, because I thought it was rubbish bags and I hated the thought I might come across rats. He didn't wake up as I thundered past, and I had to fight the temptation to have a swig from his beer can. I also saw lots of early morning bunnies. I wish I could apologise to all the people on boating holidays as I must have woken them all up!

BUT my run felt like hard work and I couldn't go any longer than 28 mins and, when I got home and Google mapped my run, I'd 'only' done 3.9K. I'm so disappointed. I just don't understand. Mainly flat, but hard work. I blame Google maps. I'm hoping it's not too late to ask for birthday donations from my rellies to put towards some sort of device to measure distances properly. Does anyone have any reccomendations please? In a weeks time, I should be graduating and I just can't see how. 3.9K indeed!


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  • Well done, you just ran for 28 minutes, remember 8 weeks ago?....only three runs and you will graduate, some runs are better then others..

    I can definately recommend a Garmin Forerunner 410, I like it because it's easy to carry (it's a watch) and can see everything I need in one glance, speed, distance, stopwatch time.

    But you can get this type of functionality for free if you gave a smartphone, mapmyrun, endomndo app do similar things.

  • Dont give up. You have run for 28 minutes. could you do that 8 weeks ago?. Everyone is different . I find running on tarmac easier for me as on grass/paving i am constantly rebalancing. I ran today(W7) and the last 10minutes were the best for me but that was when i came off paving stones and onto tarmac. you could also try a slightly different route. this might give you more of an incentive to go further. Keep running!

  • Well done, love your blog. Even Laura only asks you to do 28 minutes this week, which you did, (unlike me), so don't feel disappointed, rather feel proud of your progress. Graduation week next week, woo hoo!

    I use Run My Route which is ok for my distance calculation needs, but I have ordered a pedometer too!

  • 3.9K sounds great to me. :) I've no idea how far I ran today (also W8,R3), but I won't be doing 5K by the end of week 9, that's for sure. However, if you run 30 minutes 3 times next week, you ARE a graduate. You can work on speed later. From what I've read, I don't think many people finish the programme being able to run 5K in 30 minutes. Congratulations on completing Week 8. :) I, for one, am very glad to see the back of it!

  • 5K at the end of the programme - no chance! I did about 4K in the 30 minutes which was so amazing after finding 9- secs running in wk 2 quite a push at times!! You are amazing - 28 minutes running after just a few weeks. Don't feel bad - feel amazed and the rest will come.

  • Thank you all, I'm so glad we don't need to be doing the 5K next week. I really hope to get a Garmin type gadget soon. Good luck everyone, Soozz,Legion & Shane, I'll be thinking of you! Think we might be getting wet!

  • Well done stayinbed, you're doing great, just running for 28 minutes is an achievement to be proud of (especially after the wobbly start to the week you had). I completely understand the hang ups about distance, I think most of us measure ourselves at this stage, wanting to know if we're anywhere near. As legion says we graduate when we complete the programme, the 5k in 30 minutes will be something to aim for later.

    Your comment about resisting the urge to swig from the beer can made me lol! :-)

  • I've just noticed on the homepage that it says '5K or 30 minutes' so suddenly it all makes sense!!!! I feel much better about the whole thing after seeing that, and all the helpful posts here!

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