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Period, Breastfeeding and Starlings Week 2 run 2 done

Hello! Just completed Run 2 week 2. I've got my period was knackered as been up all night breastfeeding and didn't really feel it. But decided to run on the somerset levels and went to a nature reserve and it was great. I decided to be mega slow so that my hip didn't hurt and... it hurt less as did my knee!( getting new trainers and gait analysis this week). I'm so relieved I'm not in as much pain as I have complex back issues but have been stretching out a tight hip and back this week.

On run 5 a giant murmuration of starlings passed over my head in the reserve and I thought I can do this, I'm going to do this thing however hard it is and what ever it takes. I had the voices of this forum in my head and that powered me on, so thank you thank you. Now feeling great xx

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Well done for getting through it even though you were so tired. It’s great when you can connect with nature and get a natural high from running 😁


thank you it really helps


You're not running at Ham Wall by any chance, are you?


no up the road at west hay!


Huge well done- that's a great achievement! 😄

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