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Recurrent injury. Advice?

2 weeks ago I embarked on this running lark.

W1R1 went ok(ish!). So a few days later,off I went on run 2. On the 3rd running cycle, and someone shot me in the right calf; or at least that's how it felt. I limped home, tail between my legs.

After resting it for 10 days, the pain had entirely cleared. So, this afternoon, off I went again, anxious but optimistic. But no, it was not to be. On the second run cycle, it happened again, and I limped home. Same leg, same muscle.

Anyway, the advice I'm after is how long does a pulled muscle take to heal? I really want to do this running malarkey, and don't want to keep getting these injuries. Or, maybe I'm just too old and too fat!

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Hi Earl,

I'm not medically qualified so I can't tell you what is wrong but if it were me I'd get along to my GP and have a consult. My experience is that not all GPs are created equal so I'd choose the one that I trust.

I doubt that you're just too old and/or fat.


Thanks Chewy. As there is no swelling or bruising, I don't think it's a serious strain, just an annoying one. I'll try leaving it for longer this time, maybe 3 or four weeks as the absence of pain is evidently not a sign of it being fully healed.

Thanks for the support though :-)


Oh no, I would definitely get to the GP or (this is how its done in our area) a self referral to physio dept?

And I am sure you are not too old or fat, I am very "mature", hadnt run for 35 years, and started C25k when I was very overweight . but other than tired legs etc (and since graduating a little hip pain if I run too far downhill on rough terrain), I havent had any pain so far (touches large plank of wood!)

Good luck.


Yes all of the above advice and could it be your trainers, maybe they're not right for you? Good luck and sorry to hear, I got shin splints for a while and had to stop for a few weeks, in between icing with frozen veg! stretching and resting. Frustrating but better tackling it now. :)


I agree with runningwild in the importance of good trainers, but also think these problems can be made worse by running technique and can at least be partially helped if you look into the best technique to be using - sorry if this sounds really basic, I just get calf tightness a lot and know I feel much better when I conciously run (and walk!) in a certain way rather than my default style!


Thanks guys.

I thought it might be my trainers after the first time. I bought a pair of Asics running trainers and was wearing those when I got the second injury.

I realise now that I just hadn't left it long enough and that a lack of pain does not equate to healed muscle.

As for running technique, I do know that I land on my midfoot rather than my heel. Other than that, I'm too busy trying to breathe, remain vertical and not collapse into a sweaty asthmatic heap to analyse my running technique! I only know that my natural walking style has my feet pointing straight forward, neither pigeon toed nor duck footed, so I presume the same happens when I run.

Any advice is welcomed :-s


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