First sporting injury - I must really be a runner now!

Well I graduated last Saturday and had gone through the whole programme in the set 9 weeks with no major injuries. Monday I gaily set out with my own compilation of music on the MP3 player, ready to run for 30 minutes without Laura. It started off really well and the first 15 minutes were so enjoyable. Then my left calf started to ache. By 20 minutes I had to stop because of the pain. I was so disappointed. I hadn't even go far enough to listen to my Monkees song! I barely limped it home.

I have spent two days icing, compressing, elevating, anti-inflammatories etc and it's slowly getting better. I'm going to work but not really walking about as much as usual to try and rest it. I've taken on board everything you've all written in blogs and questions, and am drinking loads of water. I do stretching after every run religiously.

Any suggestions how long I should wait to go out running again? I dread the idea of making it worse. I love running so much now and would hate to do anything to put a stop to it already.


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17 Replies

  • you can run as soon as the pain goes and a few days won't make any difference to your ability or fitness so don't worry. The best way to avoid it in future is to chose a varied route, but nothing too strenuous and to make sure you are active on the days when you aren't running too. Strenuous, infrequent avtivity is far more likely to result in strained muscles so try walking, dancing, swimming or cycling on your interval days. Get well soon :)

  • Bad luck!

    I've had a groin injury twice.

    The second time was because i ran too early after the first one !

    I would take a complete week off AFTER it stops hurting, otherwisw you may end up having 5 weeks off like me.

    Some people advise 2 days after you are pain free... but i now would err on the side of caution. Good luck on your recovery ! :)

  • Thanks gypsydepp. I shall take your advice. I was worried that a week off would knock me back but you're right. In fact it coincides with an extremely hot week here in Paris, so maybe it's better if I stay in the cool and rest. I certainly don't want to stop for 5 weeks.

  • I am a newbie so no recoomendations to offer but I do have some best wishes for you.Hope you feel better soon:-)

  • Thanks for the wishes - really appreciated!

  • Hope its feeling better but you make sure you rest it enough before you start again it is only a set back and you will get there.

  • How very kind of you, considering what you're going through my injury is so minor. You'll get there too!

  • I did something similar to my calf. Mine hasn't healed enough to put up with long continuous running yet but is OK with run walk intervals. I was injured on week 6 ... I'm OK with 4x(r5w3) at the mo and am planning to build up on the time run but wil stick to intervals for a month. Each week I'll test what my calf will put up with but i will walk immediately if it starts getting worryingly tight. iwas completely off running for 3 weeks and am just getting back into it.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to keep off it for at least a week after I feel no pain and then start off slowly like you suggest. I don't know yet where I'll start, maybe just try short intervals. Isn't it annoying?

  • I did same thing I saw my biomechanic physio & sorted it out for me. I'd only partially torn the calf but I was but running within a week!

  • I don't have a biomechanic physio but can start looking - I know a physio who can perhaps help suggest someone. What did your physio do? Massage? Exercises?

  • How did you find your specialist physion? Thanks

  • It was a recommendation by a friend but you should be able to Google biomechanic physiotherapist & web sites should pop up.

  • I did same thing I saw my biomechanic physio & sorted it out for me. I'd only partially torn the calf but I was but running within a week!

  • I'm in Luton can give you contact if your local she does deep tissue massage as well.

  • Thanks but I live in France! I'll go and see my physio chum and then find out about sports physios here.

  • I've just done week 8R2 and have picked up a groin injury so I know how you're feeling. I used to suffer with calf injuries as well. Lets keep our fingers crossed, you're doing all the right things. Good luck.

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