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I'm on my last leg!

I forced myself to go out for W2R2 after work today, as it was a dry spell in a week of apparently solid rain. Well, talk about a shambles! My legs felt like lead from the off and my right leg was ready for giving up the ghost completely. Aching from ankle to knee, although it feels better when I run and gets worse when I slow down! I take it the dreaded shin splints have appeared? Thank goodness for painkillers, hot showers and Deep Heat.... For some reason, ice never works for me.

Going to take it very sloooowly to be on the safe side, especially as I tore ligaments in that leg when I was (much) younger.

I may be stuck on Week 2 for a while! :0

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Snap! Week 1 run 3, it started, I got to the end of my 5 min warm up and they were burning. Through the run I literally thought they are going to burst thru the skin!! Had a long bath and lots of deep heat and they do feel better but week 2 run 1 not as bad but so stiff. I really don't want to take a break because I am enjoing it, going to try more stretches after running and some volteral rub (I think its stronger than deepheat!) Please let me know if you find anything to ease your calves!


Ooh, yes, think that would be better than deep heat, thanks! Working on a remedy, but nothing yet....


Ive missed one of the runs this week (wk2) wasnt feeling too great last night so tomorrow morning I will be out there for another run and then next week Im going to repeat wk2 again. I find its my knees that ache the most but I have to say I enjoy it x


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