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What has happened to my legs?!


I've just finished the 1st 25minute run of week 7...but I lost my legs after 20mins. I felt like I was wading through treacle, and I think I was running slower than I normally walk! My breathing was ok, everything else was ok, I just lost strength in my legs. Any ideas anyone? Also can anyone recommend a way to measure how far I run? Over to you community😁.

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At some point Laura (or whoever) says that when it is tough, that's when you are making real gains in terms of building strength and stamina. I often remember that in moments of despair! The fact is that you did it, you pushed your body and it came through for you. Well done!

I use mapmyrun; not the most sophisticated but fine for my needs :)

Nora-BoneGraduate in reply to helenwheels

Thanks for that. 😄


Morning, first of all - well done !

Off the couch and 25min run in the bag :)

The running through treacle sensation happens to me when the humidity is high. If you look at a weather report / app it will indicate the % humidity.

I find that when it's over 60% I struggle more. Up in the 80+% and it gets tough for me.

As for tracking how far - I can recommend my Garmin forerunner 10. It's their most basic and does the job - they're quite reasonable now as they have much fancier ones out now ;)

Worry not - any run is a be proud moment ✔️😀

Nora-BoneGraduate in reply to Ejbirdy



Could be hydration, fuelling, general tiredness, perhaps you walked a lot yesterday, maybe you are coming down with a bug or guardian a hard day at work, or a combination of factors. There are so many variables and it is worth trying to see what is different from your last run to try to avoid the same situation happening again.

This is where you start to listen to your body and attempt to learn the lessons. Very often the cause can not be pinned down and you just have to accept that every now and then our bodies don't want to play ball and we have a bad run. Everything in your life can affect your running and your running can affect everything in your life.

Have your rest day or days and you will probably be fine.

Nora-BoneGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks Iannoda. I have been walking a lot lately, and this run is slightly uphill for the 1st half. Hopefully it will get easier next time.


Running uphill is harder Nora-Bone so you did really well and it was only the last 5!mins where you struggled.

I've struggled before on longer runs and my route only has slight inclines. You'll probably find you'll be stronger next run, and the treacleveont seem so thick!

I've found taking extra rest days in between longer runs helps. With full time work, Boxfit and Pilates as well I find it hard to fit in 3 runs.

I do 2 runs, Wednesday and Saturday ATM to fit around other activities, especially Boxfit as I don't think I could do running near that day!


Thanks spinning22. I think you are right. I needed a nap today. So I may have been tired. Thanks for replying. 😊


Well done anyway... we have all sorts on here.. wading through treacle is just one... lead legs, concrete legs...even jelly legs:)

Make sure you are not neglecting your stamina and strength exercises on rest days... you need your body to keep up with the legs and to keep them running! As the runs get longer, we sometimes need to up the game:)

I use my Garmin for distance..... had a Forerunner 10 to start with then when I did my first 10 K upgraded to another Garmin:) ( Pressie to me ) :)

Slow is good anyway... keep it at that...:)


😁I do pilates on Tuesdays😀...... Maybe time to do a bit more. Thanks old floss. 👍

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