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Wk 3 started: Nice!

So, I skipped work a bit early and went for my first post-work training.

I was worried to run after work as, you see, I've been lucky enough to work from home for a couple of weeks and was able to go for the first two weeks of this training around 10am. If I could, I would keep training at that time: I can get plenty of sleep, have breakkie, work for 2 hours and then head of to the park.

But, life is what it is and now I'm back in the office and need to fit training in my routine, together with the 2 hours commuting, the full-time job, time with my other-half, the daily chores and a social life.

Well, my first run after a day at the office went well. That was my first run Wk3! I red about people struggling with the 3min runs so, I prepare myself mentally and went very slowly, trying not bounce "above the fence". 1st run was good. 2nd one, I tried a bit faster and it was nice, yes, nice! Once I got a stable pace, I was actually enjoying myself - can't believe it!

I even rewound the podcast and went for another 3 min run. Maybe I shouldn't have done that, but I felt like it and I'm still alive :-)

Did plenty of stretching, a quick hot bath and a massage with Deep Heat just in case and I feel great today.

Lessons learned:

1- go slowly, I'm training to run 5K or 30 min, not 5K in 15min!

2- go after work, my other-half will run a hot bath for me and cook dinner!

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Hi there! I'm just at the same stage as you. I've just completed week 3. I leave for work quite early so don't get a chance to run in the mornings. At first I thought I'd prefer to run before work as I'm much more of a morning person and am therefore exhausted by the time I'm getting home from work but I'm really quite enjoying the evening runs. Before I started this plan I'd just slump in the chair and fall asleep really early but now I'm finding the run invigorates me just enough to keep me going till bedtime. I'm actually finding I'm looking forward to running now as I deal with the horrible commute home. I know it's difficult fitting it in what with everything else going on in your life but I know you will find a way and that you will benefit from it too!


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