starting wk 3 but a friend wants to join, what should I do?

Hi Guys, I have just completed week 2 tonight, been for every run this week n the pouring rain and love the rain!

I told a friend I had started this programme and she wants to join me, but I feel ready to start week 3, I feel proud for getting off the sofa for the first time in years and managing to run for 90 seconds without stopping even though I probably don't run faster than anyones walk (its more of a bouncy walk haha)

how will it work for us if we are following different weeks, she is more active than I was starting out, should I see if she wants to start week 3, or should i start again on week 1?


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  • I would think about this very carefully. I would definitely not start at week 1 again. I personally think it would be tricky to run with a friend if you have not started at the same time, but on the other hand you might find her good company and can support each other (only you know what kind of friendship you have)

    I suggest that you do the nine weeks seperately and you start running together occasionally AFTER you've finished the podcasts.

  • exactly what I was going to say!

  • No, don't start again and try to encourage her to start from week 1. You've done so well to get to week 3 and you will be able to encourage her and tell her that the walking episodes in the first weeks are really important for stamina so she shouldn't miss any out. You could also suggest that if she wants to do something with you, it could be a walk on your "rest" days then you will be able to do something useful together and both be helping your separate programmes. Rest days shouldn't mean you climb back onto the couch :)

  • Than you, I think she needs someone to motivate her she lost 17 pounds on weight watchers earlier in the year put out a stone on when she stopped, so I will suggest we go for runs together but do our plans separately, its not like I could chat while running anyway and I have my earphones in.

    I can somehow motivate myself (don't ask me how) and feel that having someone to run with might give me excuses to give up when they do so separate plans might be best.

    Thanks guys x

  • You said she was fitter than you so what would happen if you go all the way back to week one for her then find she is faster perhaps than you. Not a good idea. I would suggest doing it your self and once you have completed the programme you can then meet up to do your 5K's together, by that time you will have a good idea if you are similar in time for the distance etc.

  • Do you have access to a gym with treadmills ? Perhaps once a week you could do a gym session together including half an hour on the treadmill. Then it wouldn't matter if you are at different stages. You could still follow the program on your own on the other days.

    Or, how about doing a run around a playing field/recreation ground, going in opposite directions so you can cheer each other on each time you pass by and then meet up at the end - it would probably be encouraging for both of you but without either of you having to compromise on pace or feeling the need to compare. That actually sounds quite good fun to me and a good way to offer support without hampering your own achievements. It would probably be better for your friend too - no need for her to worry she is slowing you down and she would be more likely to find her comfortable pace.

    Good luck to both of you. You should be proud you've inspired your friend, well done !

  • The playing field idea sounds really great ... it really appeals to me ... wish I had thought of it

  • Someone on this site (Sorry can't remember who) set up a facebook page with 3 friends who were also doing C25k for mutual support and encouragement.

    Be cautious about running with fitter people, it can be very demoralising. The only other time I tried running (about 25 years ago) I signed up for a 5k with a friend who was about the same fitness. We got along ok for a few weeks and then a third friend joined us. She was so much fitter she just left us for dead. We got so fed up we just adjourned to the pub and never ran again. The 5k day came and we went to a barbeque instead. I'd forgotten all about it until your post. I now think - all that running time wasted! :-) good luck.

  • I love the idea of you sloping off to the barbeque :-)

  • First of all, congratulation for inspiring your friend !

    Well if you think your friend is more active, ask her to try the W2R3, if she does without a problem you can start the W3 together. I started the program from week 2 as I thought doing W1 was going 1 step back from what I was already capable of doing !

  • I used to run with a friend who was on wk 2 when I was on wks 6/7. We set off on the warm up walk together and then we both did our own podcasts. We then met up at the end and did our stretching/chatting. This way ensured we both progressed at our own pace but we also felt we wernt alone because we started together and then left the park together.

    Maybe if you run together you could try a similar thing.

  • It's great that you've inspired your friend to do c25k too, well done. Like others have suggested, you could go to the park (or wherever) together and then do your separate podcasts (I like sfb350's suggestion of running in opposite directions and cheering each other on each time you pass). You get the benefit of your 10 mins warm-up/cooldown walks together and a chance to chat, without either of you feeling tied to the other's pace or trying to talk while running.

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