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Wk 5 and a good start made


This morning I ran my first run of wk 5. I felt ready for it and managed really well. I'm a bit nervous about run 2 for 2 lots if 8 mins and run 3 for 20 mins is scaring the life out if me. I have come so far but I'm not sure I'll be able to do it.

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Don't worry about run 3 of week 5 scaring the life out of you, it scares a lot of people but once they and you have ran it you will be eleted and jump for joy. But first of all you have to run week 5 run 2, just take it nice a easy as you have taken all the previous ones and you will be fine, same with run 3.


You want to run for thirty minutes..............so at some point you have to run for twenty minutes................what is scary about that.

This might help healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Relax....... you can do it.


I was the same ...so scared of trying to run for 20 mins but after some great advice in here I realised if I stuck to the plan I’d be fine ...5 weeks ago I wouldn’t have thought I could run for 8 mins twice! But I did it ...it’s just another run you’ve got this!!!!

I'm at the exact same stage as you. Like you I looked at the next run after the intro explained all three runs and felt scared! Didn't dare look at run three but after reading this I know what it is now!! I have felt before I start a new week that I won't manage it yet every week I do so let's hope it's the same! Good luck

Today I attempted wk5 run 3, I was terrified! I managed just over 10 minutes then walked for a minute then continued & finished it, I really didn’t think I would do it! I will keep trying till I can do it without stopping, but am happy to have got this far! 😄


I completed wk5 r2 today and I managed it quite well r3 on friday which looks a lot but do you remember at the beginning 60 seconds was hard then we done 90 seconds etc you just seem to be able somehow . 😊😊


Great run today. You got the two 8s and that workout is longer than the 20... trust the programme, believe in yourself, relax and go.

I am at exactly the same place, but run 2 surprised me, I walked for less than 30 secs of the second run at about 6 mins 30secs, you can do this, look how far you have come. As Iannoda says, you're going to have to do it sooner or later 😁, you've got this!


You will. I thought the same and I did. Slow and steady.


I am finishing week 4 today and was quite worried if I would cope with the 3/5 splits but it’s been great! I have surprised myself every week so learning to trust in the programme. Good luck and enjoy it x

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