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C25K Week 2 - The Sequel (Part 1 )

Ninety seconds of running didn't feel much longer actually and it was a big boost to know that you didn't have to run eight times like in Week 1. I have to admit that the last ninety seconds were an ordeal though! As for the five-minute cool-down walk, I think it took my face about an hour to return to its normal colour! Still, progress is being made folks and I am still enjoying it (most of the time!)

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snap.. 1st of week 2 today.. but i found the 1st 90 seconds hard going but got to grips with it after that one.. also very red in the face for a good hour..i like to think of it as a healthy flush


Hi well done for your progress...yes my face takes ages to cool down and then I am terribly cold for a few hours.


I try and tell myself it's all the extra calories being burned that make me look such a state for so long afterwards! ;)


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