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Parkrun 2, the sequel!

5x50 day 28; I have planned all week to do the Chelmsford Parkrun as todays effort, after my afternoon runs in the heat this week I was looking forward to a morning run. I slept terribly, dreaming I had got lost/was last by miles/collapsed on the course! I blame the hayfever tablet I took last night (hayfever here with a vengance last two days; instead of from early March like last year! Eyes streaming, throat sore, nose running...grrr! :-(

Anyway, alarm goes off, get myself up and organised, set off and find that it's a bit chilly so glad I was wearing my long sleeve top over vest and cycling top (usual three layers for me on cool days); lots of people in the park; and a lovely lady spoke to me before the start, as we positioned ourselves near the back, both saying we would be going slow! I noticed the tailrunner and a couple of people were chatting to her so I set off just in front of them; having remembered to turn on Runkeeper on my upgraded phone from yesterday; and with Laura's stamina playing in my ears to keep me company and give me a beat to run to.

Managed to overtake a couple of people in the first kilometre, nearly got tripped by a runners dog on extended lead so got in front of him, but my legs felt heavy and I was tired (cycling last night at 9.30ish; 2 hard runs in heat this week and disturbed sleep, I think). One lady in front of me suddenly slowed and dropped back; checked we were not last then ran net to me; said she was finding it hard and didn't want to be last, I chatted bit, she then said she had previously done half marathons! A slight coughing fit from me; told her I so respected her for that but then the talking/coughing got to me and I had to slow to walking for about 15 paces so she then went ahead again. I carried on to Laura; no more walking, trying to keep a steady pace even up the one bit of hill; thanking all the volunteers/spectators as I reached them. Got near the end, and was beginning to feel disappointed I wouldn't finish within the podcast, then Laura said well done for running for 35 minutes, meaning I had almost 5 minutes left to do 400m to get to my self imposed target of around 40 minutes! Managed to do a bit of a sprint for some of the last 100m, and aeroplane arms (can't remember who did that back in the blogs but I'm a copycat), then realised someone was there by the funnel with a big camera and they shouted 'great way to finish!' I have a feeling there may be a very embarrasing picture or two of a very sweaty red faced, ginger Nanny being posted later! I was very grateful for the applause from the helpers, got my barcode out but forgot to turn runkeeper off! Now have almost 2 minutes at a standstill ruining my stats! Anyone know if I can delete those 2 minutes?

Have left my barcode to be laminated, and congratulated the lady who tried to run with me, she finished 2 in front of me (a little girl of about 12 was always just in front of me, walking and jogging, as I got closer she would run a bit; then at the last corner I shouted to her 'go on, you can beat me by loads', she sprinted and had done 200m in about 30 seconds, oh the joys of youth!). the lady said see you next week; we'll both be back here same time! I am off work next Saturday so guess it's a date! ;-)

Waiting for for the official time, hoping for a pb! :-)

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As the youth of today would say..."Respect!! That's awesome"!


Aaw, thanks! For a fat, almost 50 year old, I'm a happy oldie! :-)


Well done! Love the finish and the comradery :)

I've never made it to my local parkrun because when I checked the times online they were all veeery fast and it put me off, but maybe I'll check back again!

Fingers crossed for the PB


Thanks! I was fully prepared to be last (like my first time) but a sneaky peak at last week results showed a couple of people were slower than my last time although a lot more people run at this one; my last one was in Hornchurch in very wet, muddy conditions; today was a nice dry park with just dew on the grass.

As I have been doing my 5x50 and trying out Stamina & Speed, especially since coming back from Wales last Saturday, fingers crossed indeed! :-)


That's great, Poppy - love the description of your finish :)


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