Still standing at the end of Week 1!

I was delighted to discover that I managed to cover 3.7km this morning! I had decided to try upping the ante to see if I could "run" a wee bit quicker, as I felt quite comfortable during the second Week 1 session. I managed, but I was certainly glowing at the end and you could have filled a bucket by wringing out my t-shirt and joggies.Hence the mini spending spree on running top and tights....

Ninety seconds in one go next week? I'll give it a go, but it might be a case of "all the gear, no idea!"

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  • Well done Tiddlywink I didn't glow at the end of week 1 runs I,2 & 3 I poured with sweat (no kidding) and wheezed like an old broken down steam engine. You must be much fitter than I was, younger too of course but thats neither here nor there ;) Very well done for getting off the couch and out the front door, its all fun from now on. :) - - - - - - - - - - honest ;)

  • Well done and heres to wk2 :-)

  • Good work Tiddlywink! I finished week 2 today and I was nervous after week 1... It's not as bad as you think it's going to be, so don't worry! Sounds like you're doing great :)

  • Brilliant, keep up the excellent work x

  • just go easy and push yourself . Your not going to die of jogging. thats a fact

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