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Week 1 day 2

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OMG nearly thought I was going to die but I made it! Legs really didn't feel like they were mine but not too bad now (several hours later!) I made a fatal mistake I went out too late in the morning the sun was well up and despite the wind the temperature was in the high 20's! that will teach me to go either early or in the evening πŸ™

That being said I don't know how I will ever run more than 60 seconds but the walk back up the hill was a lot easier than Monday!

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Well done Lorraine. I do my week 1 run 2 tomorrow.

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Good luck!!

Well done! Keep it up! It will get better and your body will surprise you, I swear ;)

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Thank you

Congratulations on starting, it's such a great program, it goes so quickly, and the support on this forum is Amazing. Good luck with day 3

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Thank you


Hats off to you for starting this while you are away! I am currently re-doing the programme with a friend of mine and we did W1R2 last night (delayed due to clashing diaries!!) and I made her sprint the last 30 seconds or so but to be fair it was a lovely steady incline...

Just remember to take each running section slow and steady with the longer runs and really use the walking sections to recover before the next one and you will be fine.


See - you can do it, you're very nearly though week 1 already. Trust me, it does get easier over time. Well done and hang in there!

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Thank you

Well done πŸ‘πŸ» keep going....I've surprised myself by making it to W2 and that's not even in Temp of 20's. hats off to you ! ☺️

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Thank you


Well done... early runs are the thing ?

Just slow and steady does it:)

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Thank you I will be out early on Friday believe me 😎

It took me 3 attempts to complete W1R1 so well done for completing run 2! I never felt the walking offered any recovery, and couldn't see how I'd ever be abe to run for more than a minure. But it really does get easier, and now at W6R3, I realise how much I really needed to do it. You can do this!

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Will do my best

Sitting here dripping after doing my very first run! I feel i’ll Never be able to run for more than a minute if you could call it running! Determined to give it a good go

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