Finished! or have I just begun?

Yesterday I did it- run three of week nine -much to my amazement(that's the me of 10 weeks ago) Thanks Laura for being with me over the journey. Thanks even for those annoying tracks which I keep finding in my head even though they did keep me jogging at a decent rate(I've had enough of you and Julie).Curiously I found the last week harder. It may be because I found a local route that is actually 5K but it involves going round the route twice. Previously I've just run till Laura tells me I'm halfway and turn back. I wonder if its harder to do repetitious routes

I adapted week nine a little to keep going to get a 5K time -run one 31.30-run two 30.30 and run three 29.30! I really wondered on the last one if I'd pushed it too hard but managed to hang on. Now going to scour the blogs for what now.

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  • Congratulations Graduate!

  • Thanks for taking the trouble, Lane

  • Well done and well deserved but...

    Its not the end, its not even the beginning of the end, it is merely the end of the beginning!

    Or something like that :-D

  • Thanks Greg_M! I shall now run 5K on the beaches, on the landing grounds, we shall run it in the fields and in the streets... I shall never be defeated

  • ;-D

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