Finished, done, complete, graduated

OK, it took a few extra days since I was away but yesterday evening I finally did run three of week nine. That means I (somewhat unbelievably) completed the entire Couch-to-5k programme.

It was certainly a slower run - I'd been running 29m before the 5k came up - but in my defence it was very, very hot last night, I'd had four whole days off, and I was running off-road in rapidly darkening skies so I tneeded to be careful not to slip, trip or break an ankle.

Anyway - another few days off for me now as some colleagues and I are going for a weekend away. Next week I guess I'll consolidate with three thirty minute runs then maybe try moving on to the B210K.

Thanks so much to everyone here that's encouraged me directly or by just posting their progress. I am going to hang around and keep in touch.



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21 Replies

  • Congratulations! Your impressive times can only be admired from afar. It'll be great to hear how you get on with the next challenge; the mighty 10K.

  • Thanks, T. 10k was never a goal but it's starting to feel like one...

  • well done!!!!!!!! :-)) let us know what you are doing next!!!!!!!!

  • I will, I promise. Thanks, Claire.

  • Well done!!

  • Thank you. And good luck with your running - I hope you're enjoying the programme.

  • Congratulations! Well done Duncan! Have a great weekend, the C25K+ might be out by the time you get back! xx

  • On my back about the next challenge already, Gridlet? I hope you're going to do it too. This time I am determined to finish it before you do. :-)

  • Hee hee! That's a gauntlet if ever I heard one! Bring it on bruvva!

  • Wow. Well done!! Enjoy your weekend.

  • Thank you, thank you. I will be enjoying it, I promise. Hope you do too.

  • I read the title and thought 'wow, that's beer talk there!'. lol well done :)

  • hmm.... I'm sorely tempted to take you up on the beer suggestion. It's certainly the weather for it.

  • the few I had tonight were lovely

  • *Only* 5k in 29 minutes???!!!! Duncan, you are a superstar!!!

  • Nah, I just wanted to get home for a gallon or two of cold water!

    Thanks, though. Next stop 10k?

  • Great stuff Duncan, really well done.

    Only 5k in 29 minutes?

    Have been graduated for weeks and was really pleased to do 5k in 33 this morning!

    hope you're wearing a superman costume while you're running! :)

  • That would certainly attract attention.

  • Congratulations!! I am still very envoius of your times (only 29 mins for 5k!!!!) maybe one day in the far and distant future I may achieve under 30 mins..long way to go yet!

    Good luck with whatever the next challenge is!

  • So much happened whilst I was away. Quality time well done sir!

    10K was never on my radar either but it sneaks up on you!

  • Cheers, Greg. I'll see how I feel in a week or two about upping the distance.

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