I wasn't built for speed!!

After 3 good runs this week, (7,7 and 5k) I thought I would go out and do 3k and quickly.....

I found that much harder than upping my distance to 7k. I did achieve my goal which was to run the 3k in under 20 mins, I went back out with Laura!!, however was glad when I clocked my 3k at 19.27. I know that's not quick for most, but it is for me.

Does anyone one else find the speed thing harder than the distance.

Jules xx


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12 Replies

  • Me, me, me.

    Although I would say that 3k in under 20 mins is pretty good going, that's about my fast pace at the moment too. X

  • Ooh, glad it's not just me then.

    I ache like mad just now too and haven't ached for ages.

    That is my fast fast pace 😃 Did stop focusing on speed when I upped the distance but thought I'd have a little go tonight.....as I said, not built for speed. LOL

    Jules xx

  • Distance seems easier than pace for me, I am slow, I also have been doing 20min sprints this week, I don't seem to be getting much quicker, but I am running 3 times a week and off the Couch.X

  • Funny how we seem to find the distance easier.

    As you say, we are running and off the couch and that is what counts

    Jules xx

  • Me too distance is much easier than speed I would rather do 6k slow than 3k fast but don't know which gets me fitter increasing distance or increasing speed ! :) ??

  • I'm not sure about that either, knowing my luck it will be the one I can't do.

    I wonder if there's anyone on here that finds the speed easier

    Jules xx

  • I wonder if twice the distance is better as that's twice as many steps and I would have to go twice the speed to do the same steps over the shorter distance and I'm never going to be able to do that !! x

  • Humm that looks quite swift to me Jules. I did 2.7k in 20minutes today running the w5r3 podcast, so you're quicker than me. I agree that distance is easier to crack than speed ( I'm not talking Marathon and HM distances obviously, they're just mega!!) Suspect we need a mix of both to improve as runners :)

  • Ah but Carrie, you have an injury!!!

    I'm not too disappointed with the time, my aim was to do it in under 20 which I did but it was much harder than the jump from 5 to 7k.

    Well done on completing week 5 run 3. I did pass someone on Colchester road but they were swishing and I know you don't 😃😃

    Jules xx

  • From what I've heard from fellow runners, they all say it's easier to increase distance than pace. So I don't think it's that you're not built for speed!! And I agree that your 3k speed is pretty impressive anyway! I guess that it's doing a bit of both. Have you tried interval training? (warm up, run slow, run fast, run slow etc... something like that!!). I think that this is supposed to help improve your pace and distance (but I'm no expert lol!). Don't forget to warm up too, it's more important when you start picking up the pace to prevent injuries. Take care x

  • Thanks B.

    I really am not built for speed tho. LOL, although I may have gone from chug to motor boat in he last few weeks 😀.

    I have thought about the interval training so may give that a go. Think Mabel may be able to help with that??

    Jules xx

  • That's a pace I have yet to reach after running for 18 months....

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