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I just finished WK9R3 -- woohoo!!!

So this morning I finished the programme. Running for 30 minutes though not 5K. Have loved Laura's encouragement all the way through cheering me on. Those of you just starting or in the tough middle bits ... stick with it, you WILL become a runner. The last few weeks I have never doubted that I would make it. The program has done the tough job of getting inside my head so I believe I can actually do it. I still have moments when I am still the useless school girl in PE lessons but quite quickly I remember how far I have come and get a grip!!

It is going to be very odd running without the podcasts. Am going to keep with just the 30 min runs with my music and runkeeper to keep me on track (Laura -- you should apply for the job of doing the voices for runkeeper -- I much prefer you to the computerised version!). I think I'll then give the speed podcast a go. I really want to do a park run soon but I still feel too slow and haven't actually run 5K yet.

Thank you to the whole team who put this together - brilliant job.

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Congratulations on graduating. :) Don't let speed put you off doing a parkrun, as they are very friendly, supportive events. I did one a couple of weeks ago (first run of week 7) but didn't complete it. It was no problem though and the marshalls were very encouraging and told to come back every week if I wanted to! Just don't make my mistake and start off too fast with the rest of the pack. I wanted to see if I could run 5K, but because I started way faster than my usual slow pace, I ran out of steam. I will be going back once I graduate. :)


Well done on completing this fantastic programme :-) enjoy your first post grad run.


Well done and I agree with all your comments


Well done I also graduated yesterday and my next goal is the park run. Once I hit the 5k on my usual route I will go for it. I want to get there soon, but have a holiday in a couple of weeks but the kit is going with me, but might try the treadmill as it may be too warm to run outdoors in Lanzarote!


Thanks for all the comments. That's the other thing I didn't mention - how great it is to be doing this along with so many other people!

Legion - maybe I will get over my embarrassment and try a park run sooner that later - think it's another head issue rather than body!

Fluffy Pigeon - good luck in Lanzarote - I'm off to Montenegro in few weeks and have same dilemma - found the heat in my local park tough enough!


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