I HAVE FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've just got back from my third run of week 9!!!!!! I've done it and just am amazed - by me!! What a wonderful feeling. My twin sister graduated exactly a week ago and I was left behind due to a summer cold. I felt miserable and now I'm more happy than I can say. Thank you to Laura and the whole team who put together this programme. What a benefit to man and womankind! I'm feeling the olympic spirit after watching last night's opening ceremony. It was so inclusive and I feel this sort of programme is in that spirit too. How many people have run this course? Wow! How do I register that I've finished? Wow wow wow!!!

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  • very well done :) Go to links at the top of the page: Directory-admin-JR21 for your badge and don't forget to get a Tee when they are available. Hope you keep blogging and let us know how you get on in the future- happy running!

  • Thanks - I'll definitely get the t-shirt when it's available and wear it with pride!

  • Wow well done, fantastic! Great achievement for you :D

  • Still basking in the afterglow! Thanks cimer!

  • Bask for a long time, you deserve it!

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