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Week (pant) six...(gasp) Run (pant) Two

well that was better than run one...I honestly dont know why but run one was ....Boring...does that make sense?

Enjoyed this one and actually wooped and punched the air when Laura said "Well done you beefcake" (well in my head she did)

Roll on Sunday lets see what the Minx has in mind for our intimate time together then :-D

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Laura will be stepping it up for your next run and its all hard work from there, good luck!


Cheers Peggy-Jean..cant wait! lol :-)


Well done. 'Minx' is right, esp. when she suggests you speed up at the end of the long runs, to 'finish on a high'!!! I can always be heard to mutter 'finish at all' as I stumble the last few yards. Never mind, she is always there with you, every step of the way. Good luck!


my reply to finishing on a high CANNOT be printed on here ha ha ha. Did run 3 this morning..25mins straight...I astound myself that i have not run to nearest shop for chocolate!! ha ha


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