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Only two runs a week?


Due to health/time limits, I'm only able to exercise four times in the week, and I want two of those times to be working out for strength, not cardio. Is it possible to do two runs a week, obviously taking longer than 10 weeks to finish off, but not lose progress as I go?

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Yeah! Course it is. No hurry. Good luck!


Of’ll get there eventually 😉

That’s no problem. I only run twice a week and am having no negative effects from it.... in fact, in my case, I think my body likes the extra rest day or two!

Liz x

Hi Liz

If you don't mind my asking, which days do you run on? I'm leaning towards something like running on Monday and Friday, and Gym on Tuesday and Wednesday (I need the weekend and Thursday free), but I've no idea if there's an optimum way to do this.

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It's mostly depends on which muscle groups you plan to do, as all of them need different regeneration time, usually at least 1 day.

I'd probably go for Mon - gym, Tue - run, Wed - gym, Fri - run. Not to have gym days in a row, but it depends on your gym workouts.

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Hi. I don’t have set days, it just depends on my shift pattern. It often can be two/three days in between.

Liz x


I only did twice a week due to other commitments and 3x would mean skipping a rest day. It took longer but still managed it and didn't have any issues.

As long as you are consistent with your schedule, a few days here and there are going to make little difference. Depending on what strength training you are planning on doing it shouldn't matter which way around you do it, although you won't want to over work any particular muscle group if you are doing it two days following. With regards to running, you obviously don't want to run following a leg workout for example, so choose your strength training wisely if you are planning on doing both alongside one another for the duration of C25K.

Good luck =)


I've got to week 6 by doing an average of less than 2 runs a week. With my other commitments (cycling, work, family) plus the weather recently (not liking running on ice!) it's been slow progress. I have Tuesday evenings and Saturday (early) mornings free to run. If I miss one of those, then it's a minimum of a week between runs.

There's nothing to say that you can't take 2 weeks to do each week on the program. I don't think of it as week 6 really - more like "run group 6" and then I don't stress about the fact that I started in September and it's now January!

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Somebody called it phases, not weeks, and I loved that idea :)


Yes, absolutely, I found 3 times a week too much high impact and got over use injuries. Took me ages to finish the programme, and a good long time to build distance. I’m currently preparing for my third half marathon.....I’m not quick, but that doesn’t matter, I still run twice a week.

I do a bit of weights and core training, mainly for upper body strength- otherwise I’d look like a t-Rex 🦖 all big legs and useless arms 😂....

Good luck, slow and steady is the key, remember the programme is a guide, we’re all different. 👍



I am doing 2x a week as well, so it is possible and it's not so easy to lose stamina - for that you would need much longer breaks ;)

And strength is important, so go ahead! Just remember not to overdo during your Leg Day if next day you have planned running ;)

Happy running!

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