Do I brave W5R3, or stick to R2 for a couple more runs?

I completed W5R2 yesterday morning, and I'm not going to lie - it was difficult (psychologically as well as physically). A jump from 8mins to 20 seems huuuuuge, and if I'm honest, impossible right now. So the dilemma is, do I practice running the two sets of 8mins of W5R2 for a couple more runs (and hopefully build a bit more stamina and fitness), or do I dive into W5R3 and just go for it?! Eeeeeek.


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12 Replies

  • I would say go for run 3 but remember to take it really steady. Everyone has this 'wall' when the jump from 5 to 20 mins appears and most seem to get through (even me!) but if you do really struggle with it, go back to run 2 for a bit.

    Good luck! :)

  • Thanks. Right I think I'll go for it then!

  • You go for it I have got through to W7 R1 today been slow but I have recovered quite quickly

  • Thanks - and well done!

  • Thanks for these replies as I'm on the same stage and have exactly the same question!. I found W5r3 rather tough going on Tuesday evening but I'm going to do it again tonight and just stick to it until it becomes a little easier. Not sure I take it much slower though - the snails in the park are already lapping me.

  • Don't put yourself down Bootle - Jog as fast as is comfortable for you - if you over-do it, you will feel defeated and you might not finish the run! It is better to be 'slow and steady' than super-fast! I'm not that fast myself but it is more of an achievement to finish the run than to give up because I've over-done it! :)

    Also, beware of staying with a run for too long - remember there will be times when you think you can't move to the next podcast but believe me, Laura is right when she says that you can. The runs are designed to build your stamina and you should (in theory!) be able to cope as long as you do the 3 runs a week.

    Good luck with the next run! :)

  • I got through W5R3 by telling myself that I was going from 16 mins of running with a 5 min walk in the middle to 16 mins of running with a 4 min run in the middle, looking at it like that it doesn't seem like a huge leap forward. Good luck :)

  • Haha! That's actually a really good idea! Thanks!

  • Amaze yourself and go for the next run - if I can do it with Laura so can you. Good luck!

  • Thank you, I'll try it!

  • I went for run 3, took me 4 attempts before I managed the 20 minutes though - just did today (about 5 minutes ago actually) Still recovering! Go for run 3 but dont beat yourself up if you dont do it first off

  • Well done for completing it today! I'll let you all know how I get on tomorrow :)

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