W5R3 is looming! Can I do it?!

I did w5r2 today and found it relatively easy, well kind of; I made the massive schoolgirl error of running as the schools were kicking out and for some stupid reason I also chose a route with a few busy roads. So I had to do that silly jog on the spot thing at a junction, waiting for a gap in the traffic. In the end I stopped a bit so felt like my last 8 min run was a bit of a cheat (I tagged an extra minute on the end though and even managed to increase my pace to the fastest yet - just under 5.00 min/km).

So, how hard is run 3; the 20 minute run? I've never jogged longer than the 8 minutes I did today before and I can't see me finishing it. I usually run pretty slowly - around 6 min/km (that is quite slow right?) - so I'm guessing I should just start off at a slow pace and see how I go? Any other tips? I'm gonna plan a more sensible time of day and route for this one, I know that much ;)


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19 Replies

  • You can do it and I think your time is terrific I'm quite a bit slower but not too worried about time just concentrating on jogging for the required amount of time good luck for run three keep us posted on how you get on. I also did mine as schools chuck out even worse I work in one and went straight from there will be doing Fridays run at night I think!

  • Ok I have no clue on Km. I time from the second my warm up starts and finish at the end of my cool down. I do a 17.13 min mile. Not a clue if that's good. I coped fine with the run. Just take your time and keep your legs moving. You can do it!!

    S X

  • Juski, I work in a school too, but I'd cringe if the kids saw me jogging! Fair play going straight from work.

    I think I'm just going to take it slow, I'm not worried about time either; 5 weeks ago I couldn't jog for 30 seconds so I'm astounded by what I can do already :) I'll deal with increasing pace or distance later down the line!

    Good luck for friday!

  • I did it a couple of hours ago and survived so if I can do it anyone can, good luck :)

    I'm only averaging 10 mins per km so you're doing great!

  • Run 3 is fine Becktoria - don't worry about it and just enjoy the experience.

  • Yes you can do it, trust in the program and in Laura. You've done the hard work already and prepared your body so the 20 minute thing is a mental challenge. I wasn't sure I could do it (last week) but I just concentrated on thinking about jogging to the next turn, then past the field with the horses, up to the roundabout and down the next lane etc etc until the time had passed. Don't worry about pace, I've little idea what speed I run at and I always slow down if I'm feeling tired so I can carry on till Laura says it's time to stop.

    Good luck!

  • A simple answer is YES you can do it. The advice is that slow and steady wins the day. It is not a race and you can do it.

    Let us know how you get on, and avoid school times!

  • Oh SallyCycle now the nice weather is here Its conflicting with cycling and running. Are you feeling this too ( as a fellow cyclist in a sea of runners ) : {

  • Yep, I am. Do I run, or do get the bike out? Yesterday, the bike won; and this morning, running won. All I need to do now is start swimming, and then I can think about Triathlons!!! Yeah, right!!

    Enjoy both riding and running, and take care.

  • I swim before work but triathlons .... ummm (think i would rather do 100 miles on my bike ) : )

  • I love the idea of a tri, but I swim like a stone, which isn't really too helpful. I will stick to a run or ride too. Bought a touring bike last year, so I need to get it out and get some real miles on her.

  • Happy touring : )

  • Thanks. If you come across a pair of fully-laden Dawes bikes abandoned at the side of a road, and a middle-aged chap running across a field being pursued by his wife, that will be me turning feral, and my wife trying to catch me.

  • At least you will know how to run now !!!

  • Thanks everyone, some good tips there. I think I must just feel like I'm going slowly when actually I'm not, I don't think about the speed, it just feels like a natural pace.

    After seeing what everyone else has achieved, I think I can do it, thanks for the support :)

  • im also dreading Wk5R3. It says 20 mins on the chart. I have only managed 8 minutes and 20 minutes seems too much of a jump! Any words of advice welcome : (

  • Scrappydee, have you done it yet? I bet you manage it, as long as you just take it steady. It'll be done in no time and you'll be amazed at yourself :)

  • not done yet ..... tomorrow is my run day - but cycling weather here now so competing with my cycling. did 62 miles today. so have to do run in the morning then out on my bike. still dreading it though ! thanks for the encouragement. : )

  • OMG ! I jogged for 20 mins. Cant say run coz i think I am barely moving !!! ( ha ha ) I met a fellow jogger this morning and kept up with him. So me thinks my legs MUST be moving my body ! : )

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