wk1 done, roll on wk2

well, i managed it :) i set the alarm early again today and headed out for WK1R3 and by jove i did it.  I have to say though that it was the hardest trot out of the 3.  It's been a busy week for me and i haven't been to bed as early as normal and therefore haven't had as much sleep so maybe it all just caught up with me.  Don't know whether it's related bu i also had my first ever ocular migraine, only lasted for about 30mins, weirdest thing ever, then i got a banging headache afterwards which I've only just managed to shift.  I have drunk plenty today but last night i didn't have much tea as wasn't feeling great.....but its all behind me now and i can move on.

S&F to do tomorrow and then a lovely day of 'rest' on Sunday before seeing what the 2nd podcast brings my way.  I purposely haven't downloaded it yet as i don't want to 'listen' ahead and scare the bejesus outta myself.


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15 Replies

  • No, Don 't look!

    Sleep, hydration, healthy food a better runner makes 😊

    Press on, go super steady.

    Have fun!

  • Hi Chelle

    Well done , that's your first week well and truly nailed and you can chill out for a bit :-)

    I have ocular migraines too , aren't they weird ? Mine feels like when you look at a bright light for a bit then look away , you can see all these weird shapes , then everything seems to shimmer , then the headache starts . Not sure what the trigger is for mine , there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it .

    Onwards , always ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppypug that's excatly what happened and how i described it.....was soooo weird, was like having a kalidescope in the corner of my eye.  I had no peripheral vision on my right side and i kept giggling at my boss as looking straight on at her she only half a face :) :) fingers crossed it was a one off!

  • Yes ! This is it exactly ! A kaleidescope is a perfect way to describe it . I have had maybe 3 or 4 in the past year or so .

    The disturbed vision lasts maybe half an hour , but the headaches after are horrible aren't they ? :-( xxx

  • yeah it is, thankfully as soon as i told my friend what my eye was doing she told me to pop pills as i was about to get a beatch of a headache.....she was right unfortunately :(  having to struggle through though as it's our month end at work and its sooooo busy, keep having a  little break as i can't do too much screen work.  I've worked a deal with a colleague so i'm doing all the workings and writings and she's doing all the imputting :) xx

  • Yes I do that Chelle. As soon as the shimmering/glimmering starts I know now to take a coupla of painkillers and it seems to dull the headache pain a bit .

    I have never known anyone else who has these . How bizarre ! Yep, its a pig of a job when youre trying to work on your computer and all you see   is this shimmering shape in front of you xxx

  • I get these too, though quite infrequently these days.  It starts with a bright spot like when you look into the sun, then turns into an increasing kaleidoscope (really pretty shapes and colours, and with the shimmer) always on the left, then I lose vision of what I'm actually 'looking at' if you know what I mean - I kind of have to look round it to see it.  Then I get a headache, but not as bad as the migraine headaches my mum used to get when she used to have to lie down in a darkened room all day and throw up.  I take ibuprofen as soon as it starts and usually manage to carry on with my day.  It's a weird one.  Glad it's not just me! (sort of, though I'm sorry it happens to anyone actually).

  • Focus on the moment and not on the future.. you are doing brilliantly.. Sleep, eat, hydrate!

    The journey is amazing.. go with it and enjoy ! :)

  • I think I also suffer from occasional ocular migraines. For me I get a weird blind spot. Only happens after I push myself too hard during a run. It's the oddest thing.

  • Arent they just Steve ?

    Its bizarre, when Ive told people about them , no one I know has ever heard of them , never mind ever had one, and now here we are, theres 3 of us on here .

    We are like members of an exclusive Club :-) xxx

  • I've been a sufferer since my schooldays  (a very long time ago), but they only occur occasionally now thank goodness!  I actually hate the visual disturbance more than the headache.  Not had one while running though, luckily. 

  • Ive never had one running , touch wood . Yes the visual disturbance is very , well.....  disturbing to think of a better word !

    I had my last one a couple of weeks ago at work :-( xxx

  • I'd never heard of them either, was only because I mentioned the lack of peripheral vision to my friend and then she reeled off all my other symptoms and then told me what it was.....I was like......wowsers 😊 maybe we should start own group lol

  • I get the ocular migraines as well, fortunately very rarely, maybe once every 2 years. Had them since I was a teenager and can go years without one. I hate them when they come, they scare the sh** out of me, but I know they just have to run their course when that shimmering starts and then the pulsating spreads so that you can't see things directly, but have to sort of look sideways. The last one didn't end in a massive headache, which was good. I always think I'm going blind or have some horrible brain tumour. And I have no idea what triggers them. Weird things!

  • Yes, that awful shimmering, kaleidascope affect ! Oh its horrible isnt it ? I find them scary too because I always think what I would do if my vision didnt return to normal . Well as normal as I will ever be, Im as blind as a bat ! :-) xxx

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