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Good start to Week 3

First run of week 3 today. I had intended to go straight after work but didn't get out until 8:30pm which was a really lovely time to go; much cooler, though more midgies!

Today's run went well. The first 3 minutes of running was tough going but once i got into my stride, I loved it. There's a folk-ey track as one of the 90 minute walks which really made me smile for some reason. Second 3 minute run was challenging but not impossible and I was really disappointed tonight when Laura told me I was finished. Is week 3 much shorter timewise? I was just getting into my groove and was really enjoying the run, so I paused the podcast and added a few 90 second runs before the warm down. Felt I could have gone on much longer!

Post run, I am really starting to notice that C25K has so many more benefits than physical health. I feel so relaxed and de-stressed this evening, and the restless feeling I usually have after a long commute and a day of sitting on my rear end in work for 8 hours was entirely absent. My head is clearer and my worries/stresses seem more manageable and less important than pre-run.

There's rain forecast for my next planned run on Thursday and I've managed to escape the rain so far - I'm more concerned about keeping my mp3 player dry than anything, but I am really looking forward to getting back out there :)

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It sounds like you're flying through, keep up the great work! I wrap my ipod in a bit of cling film if it's raining a lot - and btw, I never thought I'd like to run in rain, but I've found it's really nice, you may find you enjoy it! (Although I've not run in the winter rain yet......!)


Aw thanks suki_007; I am still very early on and I had a basic level of fitness so I think it's really going to hit me in week 4 or 5. I certainly hope I enjoy running in the rain, as the British summertime is intent on throwing as much rain our way as possible, so there will be no chance of avoiding it!


Well done. I'm going to be starting w3 at the end of this week and was wondering how I would get on so it's nice to know 3mins is doable.

As for keeping you mp3 player dry, have you thought about getting an armband for it. I got one for my ipod so it's in a protective casing but can still use the touch screen etc and it cost less than £5 on ebay.

Good luck for future runs.


Thanks samdavi and good luck for starting week 3. I've a sansa clip mp3 player so I'll do a bit of research to see what fits. I never thought I'd be the person who buys gadgets to help them RUN in the RAIN!!


I know. It's weird what this running lark can do to people who had been perfectly sane beforehand.

I've found myself actually really looking forward to my next run, even when I;ve only just finished one. Never expected that to happen, especially not so soon.

Hope you have some luck finding an armband or something for your mp3 and good luck for future runs.


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