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Week 3 Run 1, in which I walked more than I should


Well, I did it, although I don't feel terribly happy with my performance. Still, I have at least two more goes to get better.

Didn’t feel like getting up early and going for a run (horrible dream about being late for a flight). Anyway, got myself out. I was feeling very apprehensive about the 3-minute run, but did the first one with no problems, just kept it slow and steady.

The second half of the session was tougher. The second 90 second run felt like a bit of a slog. And then I extended the 90 second walk significantly. Not through fatigue, but because my route takes me over a main road and back again and I didn’t want to be held up waiting to cross halfway through my 3-minute run. So that meant I ended up doing a 3, maybe a 3.5 minute walk before my final 3-minute run. Was this a cheat because I got more of a rest than I should have? Or was it a bad thing because I started to cool down? Whichever, I feel it spoiled things a little.

Legs felt pretty heavy for the final run, and it felt like even more of a plod than usual, but I did it and didn’t stop. It was good when Laura came on to say I just had a minute to go, and then, Nina Simone’s Feelin’ Good came on. It was a sign! Big smile when I stopped running, and I was way further from home than I should have been. Hadn’t appreciated how much shorter this session is. Will adjust my route for the rest of the week, keeping it shorter and avoiding the main road.

In general, breathing holding up, calves okay but I feel it in my feet.

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Well done for getting up and out there after a rough night. Some runs just don't produce that euphoric feeling we get on others but you powered on and got through it. Crossing the road before starting your next repeat is not cheating, it's sensible. Just don't be tempted to take this off the running time, you can always pause Laura!

Good luck with the next run.

I'm not sure if I'm the most qualified to reply, since I have only just started as well (week 2 run 3 last week), but here's my two pence:

'Was this a cheat because I got more of a rest than I should have?'

In my opinion, no. You do the programme for you and only you. You're not doing it for Laura, not for this community, not for anyone who also does the C25K and not for the entire "health society" who are constantly telling us all to eat healthy and exercise. The programme (and running in general) is for you and only for you, so don't get hung up on any time frames, any "rules" or the things you SHOULD be doing. The only thing you SHOULD be doing is making the entire running experience as enjoyable and satisfactory as possible for yourself. The C25K programme is a jump start that helps you to get off the sofa and get running. It's a general guide, not a dictator. So if you feel like you need more time to complete it, take that time - no guilt, no disappointment. Don't get me wrong, it's of course never a bad thing to push yourself and be ambitious to do better, but if you didn't feel like you could do it today, that's absolutely fine. Try again in two days and if you still feel like you can't do the run entirely, then don't. Perhaps repeat week 2 run 3 again. Eventually you will get there.

Happy running!




Well done... you got there. Maybe try not to get too hung up on time and speed. :)

Take it slow and steady and do what Laura tells you..you are more than getting there.

The whole, being too far from home things..I can identify with..it was a few weeks before I realised I needed to run for home much sooner. I had loads of long walks home!!! :)

Take it stead, have your rest day and carry onwards and upwards :)

Well done vivster, you've achieved run 1 week 3, that's fantastic. We all have good and bad runs for a numbers of different reasons, but you pushed on and finished your run, well done you.

Perhaps take it slower next time, and don't be too hard on yourself, you are doing fab XX


Well done! I did W3R2 today and also didn't plan very well! Ended up far from home! Didn't mind the walk too much but will think before setting off next time. Good luck for the rest of the week.


Thanks all. My post may have come over more miserable than I intended. It went fine really and at least I know I can do it. Slowing down definitely helps although sometimes I think if I go any slower I'll stop. The midpoint of my route is to run around a small triangular section of path on the common, which turns me round ready to run back, and I sort of stomped round it this morning (instead of my usual gazelle like grace!).

Thanks for all the encouragement. I like posting here; it's a good place to think about and analyse my runs and compare notes with others.


Hi there I did mine differently to this. I'm not following Laura so I probably did it wrong but after the first 5 mins I then did 90 run 90 walk twice then 3 min run 3 min walk twice. I felt that the two ninety runs warmed me up for the 3 minute ones? Maybe it's just psychological I don't know. You could maybe try it. It's like if I go to the swimming pool and I hate the first few lengths but then after that your muscles get used to it.

I like the image of you stomping around 😀😀😀

Best Wishes

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