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Fancy running pants

I bought a pair of real running pants..or tights as I think they're known. Kind of a reward for getting to week 5 but also the sweat factor in ordinary leggings...I get sweat patches on my knees, weird! Got a t-shirt too and looking forward to seeing if they make a difference to how I feel...felt more like a runner when I tried them on :D

Also,being a bit naughty as am doing run 1 & 2 without a break. I'm away at a festival for a long weekend and if I had the break days I wouldn't get onto run 3 until I get back. - trying to run 20 mins for the first time after spending 4 nights in a field drinking too much lager probably wouldn't be the best plan. This way I can try the run before I go. Fingers crossed that I don't tire myself out.

Off for run 2 now, in my flash gear ;)

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having proper running stuff definitely makes you feel like a runner :)

have fun. x


It did! I even walked to the gym in them without feeling like a wannabe...think it made me walk faster too. :)


I have been thinking about getting some too but as I am losing weight I don't want to waste money on them to have to buy a size smaller in a few weeks. I have a wobbly belly from losing weight from my baby belly so I am hoping the tights hold it in! I see people going into my gym in the nice gear and I feel like a phony in my asda leggings and vest top lol!


My stuff was from decathlon so wasn't expensive and I get the feeling it would do over a couple of sizes as it's labled M/L etc. The L I got is supposed to be a 14 which thrilled me as I started off at 16 but I don't think I've got that much smaller yet. And I've decided to stop waiting for my life to start when I've lost weight....I've waited too long already!! :)


I ordered some from M&S and I was pleased with the way I looked in them but the elastic in the waistband had already curled itself into a mess just trying them on so I am not sure it would stand a chance in use. Must admit my usual cotton/lycra leggings felt a bit hot today but they are cheap and I run where snagging is likely so don't want to spend a lot.


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