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Running hot

I run in a fleece jumper and fleece hat, even at this time of the year. I have nothing on the lower half.

No that's not right, I wear shorts.

So I run hot, I get hot and I sweat - alot. I am under the impression that this is making my metabolism run harder and so I am burning more fat. Because I once heard from a bloke down the pub called Dave, who owned a spitfire, (so it must be true) that Robbie Williams used to train in a sweat suit. Or am I completly bonkers?

I will add that for runs which are likely to go for more than an hour and a half I run in only a t-shirt, and if my run is greater than about 7km I run with water.

Today I even went out in an anorak!

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I vote for "bonkers"


I suspect the main thing you'll achieve is vomitting followed by unconciousness.

However you could wear nothing on your lower half that would definitely help...........all the way to the back of a police van :-)


Done that and got very bad man chaffing :&


I'd say all you are asking for is heat stroke. Wearing a sweater will do nothing more than to force the body to produce more sweat.

However, the main problem then is that the extra sweat won't be cooling you down efficiently- sweat is released to help lower the body temperature, so if there is a jumper in the way it's not going to be evaporating off the surface of your skin as efficiently. Your body will then sweat more to try and solve this problem, and you'll end up massively dehydrated with heat exhaustion.

Also, wearing a fleece hat will hinder heat leaving from the top of your head- now, I don't know about you, but I really wouldn't want to heat one of the most sensitive organs in my entire body up unnecessarily. Just remember, the scalp contains quite a few blood vessels and has evolved over the time to be an efficient heat exchange surface- putting a hat on the head when the body is already stressed from overheating is not going to do you any good. The body does not react kindly to even the slightest of temperature changes (as you can see if you get a fever of even a few degrees).

Now, if you were to do the opposite (run in winter in shorts plus a t-shirt) you'd lose more calories then due to shivering, but I'm afraid it doesn't work the other way around.

I'd agree with Greg, it's a touch on the bonkers side. ;)


Fair enough I've been told. Oh well time to run naked. Which I can do at 5 in the morning, cos all the normal people are fast asleep.


Are you coming to our C25k gathering in September by any chance??

Now ladies that could be something worth coming to see :)


Thanks, just spat out my coffee laughing!!!


Yes, we all vote strip off!


You could always treat yourself to a mankini and try running in that! ;) That certainly wouldn't hinder sweat evaporating!


Oh no no no - such a thought! That would be great in the publicity material though wouldn't it? :)


Actually another idea - maybe JR21 could organise some C25K logo mankini's ? To go with the matching tee shirts...


That sounds like a fantastic idea to me!

...Although, the logo may get a bit stretched! ;)


Ladies, ladies, ladies - decorum please! :)

Poor B3any_Boy - he might be frightened away.... :) Mind it was he that suggested running naked in the first place...:)


Now getting serious

Anyone watch the Crime and Investigation channel? There's a programme called Strange and Unusual Deaths - and one story was about a high school wrestler who took this sort of thing to an extreme to loose weight so he wrestle in a lower weight class. The mistake he made, or actually his coach made (he was following his advice), was that although he was training in a sweat suit for 2 weeks, he wasn't replacing any fluids purposely. His blood therefore was starved of electrolytes and in my understanding of it this was why he died. Although he lost about a stone and a half, maybe more he needed to loose more than 2 stone to reach his target, but he died before he got there.

I would say your method isn't going to kill you and probably isn't going to help you lose weight because you are replacing your fluids (I hope) unlike the wrestler (and he was training for multiple hours a day), but be careful that you are replacing you electrolytes with a sports drink.


This isn't an answer to your question but one of my own as I'm so nosey. Is that Charlie Boorman punching you? if so, why? And if you are Charlie Boorman, why are you punching that poor man?


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