Couch to 5K

oh yes baby - I'm back in the running!

Well after an extended 12 days of resting up, reading up and letting my shins recover - I decided that was enough couch sitting and time to get back out there.

So Sunday was planned as a nice gentle run, but actually a run with quite a few firsts for me.

First run without Laura - I just didn't fancy listening to her 1,2,3,4 during SteppingStones again - I find it a bit off putting because I always tended to be slightly ahead of her and ended up concentrating far too much on trying to land in time. So I just re-discovered Blondie and as I was belting along to One Way or Another certainly gets the heart rate up again.

First run in the warm temperature - well it had to happen at some point, I can't not run just because it's hot out there. & if Christian Schiester (now my new inspiration) can do 220km ultras in Ethiopia, & 100km in Antarctica, I am sure I can manage 5km in Sunny Yorkshire! Although it wasn't too bad really.

But it wasn't until I stopped that I notice every inch of skin is now dripping sweat... which was another first - normally I'm just back & chest but this time it was everywhere, legs, thighs, forearms, shoulders, so a proper work out.

First run with no real target in mind - yes on the chart it was supposed to be 34 mins and I set out knowing that I probably wouldn't make it I because I don't want to push too hard - but in all honesty I was just happy to get out there and happy that my shins were holding up. Remarkably they felt fine, so the first run post injury too.

So I ran for 22 mins, which is nothing spectacular, but not a failed run either. Just happy that I've not lost it too much.

Now - the 10k training can start in earnest - so looking forward to this week as being wk1 of my new training program... and now just 11 weeks to go until race day!

Happy Running.

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Good to hear your first Post Grad run was a success, and after a decent break.

I am now going to take a break, as I need to rest my ankle up, bu am a bit concerned that my fitness will fall off, so have started to cycle a little more to fill in. When you say you ran 22 mins, is that because that was all you wanted to do, or had your fitness dropped off making it a harder to run on? (I don't want to end up going backwards :-) if you know what I mean).


Had done a couple of post grad runs, but then with renewed confidence I went and over cooked it and knacked my shins - so yes a bit of a forced lay up.

hopefully the fitness shouldn't fall off that much as it's more about state of mind - I don't think you suddenly loose fitness...

The only reason for pulling up sooner was because I didn't want to risk pushing too hard and re-injuring myself. thinking about it I could have gone on, but better to be safe rather than sore I think.

had ankle twinges too - so just doing foot tapping to try and strengthen them as we speak.

Happy Cycling


Nice one MAtthew. I am in a similar place to you in that I've graduated and am now just going out to run to keep fit and healthy, I haven't got my head around another trianing programme just yet. I tried "STEPPING STONES and failed miserably! I was knackered after 25 mins.

Keep those legs in good order! They're the only two you've got!


Thanks Dan - I certainly intend to keep them sorted... just stupidity on my part as I felt invincible after graduating and went out and blasted my way through ignoring all the usual advice.

might listen to stepping stones on the drive home to see if I can make sense of it - but I know what you mean about getting knackered - melting with this weather too


well done...good luck on the 10k, you should try audiofuels's Silky Steve, but if Blondie does it for you then go with her...and a nice set of random tags too

Happy tagging


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