I'm a C25K Graduate - it's so hard to believe I could barely run for one minute ten weeks ago

Hey everyone!!!

I finished today with a very lovely 32 minute riverside run here in New Zealand. I've moved home from England after four brilliant years abroad so my final two weeks of C25K were a little disrupted. However, despite some 2 and 3 day gaps between runs instead of 1, I kept going and clocked up week 9 run 3 today. (Actually, I think the longer rests might have helped me get through the last two weeks as my muscles had more time to recover.)

Starting C25K before I left England was great for me, because it gave me something to focus on during the long rounds of teary goodbyes and packing up my worldly goods. If anyone else is coming up to a messy transition period, I would really recommend C25K as a way of keeping you sane.

I actually cannot believe I have finished. I think I've probably never done this much regular exercise in my life... if anyone out there has any doubt, this really does work.

Thanks to everyone who regularly writes on the boards, they've been such an inspiration. I'm going to start recording times to get up to 5k (currently only covering about 3.5k) and then, well I guess it'll be to 10k and beyond.



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  • Congratulations! I graduated last Saturday and like you, I could barely jog for a minute when I started. Don't forget to message JR21 to get your graduation badge. Just think of all the lovely new routes you'll be able to find in New Zealand while you progress to 5k. I'm quite envious. Xxx

  • Congratulations, keep it up and try the 5k+ podcasts now.

  • Brilliant, its amazing how far we've come isnt it! Bet you have some lovely runs in NZ. Am also envious as I get ready to run along the A630 in Doncaster lol!! Good luck with your 5k x

  • That's so fantastic and it sounds wonderful to have done 'the' run alongside a river in New Zealand - many congratulations!

  • Well done and congratulations.

    Isn't it amazing that whatever you have going on in your life your running makes you feel good every time.

    Good luck in NZ.

    I have a friend who moved over there for a year in 1990, she's still there and loves it !!

  • yep I have just graduated too - and find it amazing how perfect this programme is - and how incredibly useful all the posts on this board have been - and still are! I'm trying to get to the 5K distance now too - it will take some time!

  • I've got 1 run left in W7 and I'm a bit fed up to find that I'm only running just over 2K so I'm going to have to speed my act up if I want to do 5K in 2 weeks time! So glad to read your post and know I'm not going to be the only non 5K graduate...that's if I get that far!

  • Congratulations! :-) Feeling very jealous about the NZ thing - went travelling over there a few years ago and absolutely loved it!

  • Congratulations!

  • Many congratulations :)

  • Well done you. This must have taken extra stamina but it is soooo addictive. Keep it up ;-)

  • Congratulations!! :D

  • Congratulations! NZ sounds lovely. Visiting is definitely on my bucket list! I have also discovered what a great de-stressor running is. I'm sure I cope better with the usual small annoyances and to my shame my daughter wandered up when I was doing the poll on the benefits and said 'Definitely less irritable' . Well done again :-)

  • congratulations! Isn't it great how many people all over the world are graduating from c25k. Don't forget your badge and rememmer to buy a Tee shirt when they come out. very well done :)

  • Congratulations, feel proud of yourself! What an achievement!

    On a selfish note, I have just been reading your blog and the comments when you were stuck on week7, which is my situation at the moment. To know that you had the same difficulties and are now a GRADUATE is incredibly reassuring for me. I am going to try again tomorrow using the W6R3 podcast instead of that Godawful music on the week 7 one, hope it works as well for me as it did for you.

    Wishing you good luck and happy times in NZ, keep running and keep in touch!

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