W4R1 - A new hope

Yesterday I was reflecting on my C25K journey so far, and did wonder whether I can actually do this, having not been able to get further than week 5 even though I started end of September. In fact W5R3 almost finished me off mentally and physically. Before that I was excited to run each time but ever since that run I've been nervous and not really enjoyed it. So yesterday I did contemplate giving up, thinking maybe not everyone can do this.

However this morning I reflected on things I see and hear at work - I work in the local hospital. So many people have real problems and worries, that I became determined not to let C25K defeat me! So today I will try w4R1 for the umpteenth time, will slow down (even though I run like Tigger when going slow), and not give up! It may take me months but I am determined to get there. I find this forum inspiring and motivating too. Wish me luck!


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  • you will - keep going - take it at your pace and repeat weeks as often as you want to until you feel comfortable. Well done - you are out there :)

  • Well Done and Good Luck.

    Well done on getting this far. Trust in the programme it does work. Though it isn't by any means easy.

    What is it that you are struggling with? Breathing? Legs aching? Energy? Mental gremlins?

    I always try to think about how far I have done not how much is left. By training your brain to think this way makes running for me much easier.

    Remember, every bit of exercise above what you did before is progress!

  • It's mainly the breathing I struggle with, just can't seem to find a rhythm and then I get really tired. Thanks for the advice about not thinking about how much I've got left, will try that 😊

  • To be honest it s the breathing for the first while. Even now it takes me about a mile for things to settle down and me to find my rhythm with breathing. If you slow down a it, and get over the 4 weeks you may find with longer runs it settles down.

    I struggle for the first 5 minutes then beyond that it feels like I could run forever. . . Well 3 or 4 miles anyway.

  • Even if you never get to run for the full 30 minutes non stop, this exercise is so good for you that you must keep going!

    Quite a few people graduate but return to running set intervals with walk breaks because that suits them better. By all means persevere with the programme - but whatever you do, don't feel you have to give up . Far better to stick with a level of exercise you can enjoy - that's the way to keep going.

    Good luck!

  • I fully agree Ully. One alternative way of progressing would be to add another 'set' of running at whatever the week 4 run-walk intervals are at.

  • Well done . Keep going and it will happen. Don't be hard on yourself and remember any exercise is better than none. We are all behind you. One thing I have learnt on this programme is patience!

  • Like most things it takes practice. With each session you will get better and fitter. You could always walk more as well as that's fab for helping our running and our overall fitness

    Good luck. Stick at it and have fun with it!

  • Keep going! And keep reading on here! I am running partly to combat menopausal health anxiety - having never done any exercise in my life. It's tough - I'm already panicking about wk5r3, but I won't give up!

    You can do it - this forum will get you through it.

  • I think that what is important is the getting out and doing the exercise to get the old heart going. In my view it really doesn't matter whether you get to run 5K or even to run for 30 minutes. We are all different and although it is wonderful to have people saying 'you can do it' that can also serve to make you feel bad if you think you are 'not doing it'! Every time you go out you are being successful. I am on my first time of this and just starting week 4. It is not easy and I think we all have to be careful to tune into our own bodies and go at our own pace - no matter how slow or for how long. Learning that you can run slower and just how to do that is also a valuable lesson!!

  • As the others say.. you will do this... take it slow and steady! :)

  • Thanks, I've definitely been going too fast I reckon!

  • If you really see W5 Run 2 and 3, its a sudden jump. See W6R1, it looks like a gradual jump from W5R2. Or even weeks after that.

    I do not know why they have sudden jump to 20 mins. May be there is a reason for pushing your limits. Like doing a short sprint during a light jog.

    If you were W5R1 and W5R2, then may be stay on them. Its still 15-16 mins run time.. May be try adding a minute to them some times..

    After all this is all for getting exercise.

    Its a bit like my cooking. I do read recipes. But some times while cooking, I make changes. After all - if I like the cooked end product, then its fine :-)

    Best luck

  • Working in a hospital you will encounter many many people reaping the harvest of inadequate exercise. All sorts of mobility problems. You are setting yourself up for a good healthy life and if it takes longer than nine weeks, well at least you are on that journey. You don't need to be able to run a marathon a day after all!!

    You keep going, the good runs give you a buzz like nothing else! Everyone gets duff runs, I've just crashed out of one of the post c25k podcasts but I know from experience I'll get it next time.

  • You're doing brilliantly to get as far as you have already! Think back to where you were in the summer - I bet you couldn't have imagined that you could achieve what you've achieved so far!

    I know how you feel - I always had a mental block and talked my way out of running, but this time I've trusted the program and listened to Laura... YOU CAN DO IT!!

    Good luck!!

  • You are right, last summer I would never have thought I could do any running, so I guess I've already come a long way. Thank you!

  • Even just walking for the 30 minutes is brilliant for you. My doctor set me off walking 20 mins a day for three days a week way back in December 2014. Boy was I insulted! But boy was I unfit! I did more, but stuck to 20 mins. After 2 months I was "allowed" to increase to 40 mins. And a further 3 months after that he basically told me I could do what I liked. I'd got my health back, just by walking. So don't let yourself be pressurized into running if it's not for you - just get out there! And it will come! After a while you'll want to run.πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸΏ

  • Good luck Lisa Rose. I took six months to complete c25k. I didn't worry about it though just kept repeating and building up my stamina. You will be able to do it.

    Top tip. Do the 3 5 3 5 run as many times as you like it's really good for your esteem. Also spring is coming so will be much nicer for running. :)

  • Thanks, I must admit these wet and windy days are certainly not helping!

  • Thanks everyone for your advice and words of encouragement, can't wait to get out there again!

  • Well done for rising above the doubts, fixing your sights on success and banishing the gremlins. You've got this, don't put pressure on yourself and remember that every run is a step closer to success, however long it takes and however fast you run. Try thinking about something other that your breathing - even if it's planning what you're going to have for tea, and it may sort itself out whilst you're looking the other way.... ;)

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