It's not a fluke - I really can run for 30 minutes!

It's not a fluke - I really can run for 30 minutes!

Well the weeks have flown by.

First it was 'what - run for 60 seconds - that sounds like within my capabilities'.

Then it 'what 8 minutes - how did we jump to 8 minutes?'.

Now I've just done week 9 three times - yes three times! Run 1 was quite easy, having built up stamina and confidence over the preceding 8 weeks. Then run 2 so an absolute PAIN, what with mega-stitch. Then today, run 3 was GOOD, really good! I now know Laura was right I can run for 30 mimutes.

So to all you 'not quite believers' - have confidence YOU CAN DO IT.

Happy Mo :-)


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20 Replies

  • Ho Mo, very well done to you, thats a fantastic achievement, you are a shiny new graduate now! Ed

  • Cheers BigEd - it feels good.

  • Big congratulations - you must feel amazing!

  • I do feel pretty good - and you'll be there pretty soon too.

  • Wow well done, to graduate on a good run fantastic, you are a real runner now. You should be so proud, good luck with your running from now :-D

  • Thanks rolphie2 for all of your support throughout - Mo x

  • Well done indeed.

  • Thanks Treborstone - Mo :-)

  • Congratulations, well done! :-D

  • Cheers vixiej :-)

  • Well done! I graduated this morning, too - it's a good feeling, isn't it! :)

  • COOOOOOOOOOOOOL - well done RainbowC.

    Happy running.

  • Well done!

  • Thanks Lesham

  • Happy Mo, indeed...look at that big smiley face up there!!!! Congratulations to you!! It is an amazing journey, isn't it? Each week that we struggled through left us facing a new week that had it's own challenges to throw at us!! Now look...YOU'VE GONE AND DONE IT!!!! :-)

    Now it is time for a "Graduate" badge and the wonderful sense of accomplishment that goes along with it!! Enjoy it, you have most certainly earned it!!!

    Congratulations again and Keep Running!! :-)


  • Thanks Steve

    It's hard to believe really - the program really works and now i feel like a proper runner.

    Don't worry - there is no stopping me now!!!


  • Happy Mo indeed!!! :-) CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATE!!!!! :-) Please stick around here and continue to blog. Very happy for you Mo and wishing you a successful running future! Gayle

  • Sure will Gayle - thanks Mo :-)

  • Well done Mo - I hope you are really feeling proud of yourself, it is an amazing achievement. I know what you mean though, I still struggle to believe that I can actually run for 30 minutes. Look forward to seeing your lovely shiny green badge and to read about your further adventures in running :-)

  • Well glad you made it and thanks for the inspiration! :)

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