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Graduated at last!


I did it! Can't quite believe it but that's the programme finished. I think I'm still short of 5k but hopefully not by too much. The two previous runs were awful but today, on the sea front in the sunshine it was actually ok although I was gasping a bit at the end and the 'brisk' walk to finish was more of a shuffle! Now what's next?? I feel motivated to keep it up but I'm not sure a running club is for me. Might try a park run but first I want to make sure I'm actually covering 5k. I've never felt proud of myself for anything before but I do now, I really do!!

Good luck to everyone at whatever stage you're at with your C25k challenge - you can do it!

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Well done. You have a right to be very proud of yourself. Congratulations. Definitely give Parkrun a go. You don't have to be able to run all of it. You can run and walk. Some people just walk. Some people finish 5k in under 18 minutes, some in just under an hour. Yesterday I did a Parkrun, I did a good pace for 2 km but struggled after that and walked a little so as to recover a couple of times. But I got through it and finished.

Keep running.

Thanks! I'll definitely keep running now - park run can be my next milestone.


Well done you , you stuck at it and you should be very proud👏👏

Definitely move forward and join the parkrun.I have done one ,I did find it tough as it was one hill after another but the support and encouragement was amazing 😉

My next one will be a flatter route 😁

Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉


Many congratulations!!!!!

Enjoy the feeling and cement what you've achieved by continuing to run 3 times a week for 30 mins. One of the greatest joys I experienced after graduation was to run to "my" music. Well done again!

Brilliant, well done! You're a runner.

... and do a Parkrun soon, don't worry about the 5k bit you can walk to the finish if you need to, you wouldn't be the only one. You might surprise yourself at how far you can run. Start really slowly, don't get caught up with the initial rush and just plod on.

Thanks everyone! I know we've all experienced the various highs and lows but I think we all finish on a very definite high!


Well done 👏🏻


Congratulations 🎉

Congratulations Loops😊

Well done...🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏

Keep up the running for 30 mins. Nice and slow at the start and it will get easier. That toxic first 10 mins does get better...

Looking forward to hearing about your next running adventures...😊

Don't forget to ask for your badge on the pinned posts below Graduation badge July 2017.

Thanks Jan! I so know about the first toxic ten mins! I'm going to try the first 5k+ podcast tonight, might be a bit warm but I want to keep the momentum going. Anyone have any favourite apps/programs etc. for the next stage they could recommend?

CharlottetripGraduate in reply to Loops49

Well done!

I got the 5k stepping stone podcasts, I don't think I do them right haha. I am sure my rhythm isn't right. I did manage to reach 5k doing the stamina one though, so might be worth a try for you :)

Well done again!

Thanks, I think that's the one I've got so I'm going to try it tonight if I can beat the rain - it's coming!!

CharlottetripGraduate in reply to Loops49

I think I just had to carry on for a couple of mins running to make it to 5k.

Well I did the steppingstone podcast and apart from the awful first ten minutes the rest was ok but I think my stride length is all wrong and I struggled to plant my feet to the beat! Maybe I'm just uncoordinated. The pace was ok though so I'll claim it as a success!

GillmaGraduate in reply to Loops49

Congratulations! I might try steppingstone tmrw . Thanks for the inspiration. Happy running you runner you 👏👏👏

Loops49 in reply to Gillma

Thanks - I've never inspired anyone before! It's a week or firsts for me! Good luck and let me know what you think of it?

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