Week 9 Run 3 Done!!

Completed the final run tonight - really delighted (and amazed!) to have finished the programme. I started nine weeks ago today struggling with the one minute runs and never thought for a minute I'd actually finish - willpower and exercise not being two words I usually associate with myself.... I still wouldn't say I love it when I'm running but I look forward to going out and really enjoy when I'm done!! Still a bit off 5k - took me 31 mins for 4km tonight so I suppose next plan will be to increase time to get to 5km - will miss the structure of C25K though. Have found the posts on here really encouraging and informative over the past nine weeks so thanks all!


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17 Replies

  • Congratulations! Can't wait to be at your stage x

  • You will get there - we all started somewhere and struggled with the program but it is so worth it. Keep up the good work.

  • Well done! How exciting, can't wait to get my badge too. It's a great way to get running, this c25k thing isn't it?

    What are you going to do from here?

  • Congratulations on graduating! Don't worry about the distance yet,most people run well under 5k at this point - despite the title of the programme, it is really about getting you running for 30mins. Your speed and distance will increase with time. I only graduated a few weeks ago but have already noticed a big improvement and am now able to do the 5k without collapsing in a sad heap at the end!! Its a fab programme isn't it

    Well done you!

  • Congratulations! I started yesterday and I want to be in a position to write your post. very inspiring :)

  • Looking forward to seeing your graduation badge Cottongirl! :)

  • Im still not hitting 5k in 30 mins, for me its the fact i go out running thats important :) well done on a great achievment :)

  • Congratulations! I felt exactly the same. You've done it now😃. Enjoy that feeling and keep running.

  • Many congratulations! It is hard but worth it. I was exactly the same, struggling with week 1 but now run 5, 6 or 7k on a regular basis with the occasional 10 or 11k thrown in for good measure! Massive pat on the back due I think for you! Well done.

  • Well done, what an achievement. It's great also you have your next goal in mind. Try the 5K graduate podcasts, they have really helped me with my speed. Keep enjoying the running x

  • Yay ! Many Congratulations to you on your Graduation , Well done ! :-)

    Have you requested your badge ? xxx

  • Many congratulations to you :-) x

  • Congratulations! :D

  • Congrats, it's a great feeling, I graduated on Tuesday. Just been for my first post graduate run without Laura,

    4.4km in 30 mins this morning, so next aim to get to 5k then build up to a 10k by the summer.

  • Congratulations :) Don't forget your badge

    I alternate between doing 30 mins and keeping going to get to 5k

  • Thanks for your replies. I've been thinking today about best way to go from here. My ultimate aim is to run the Glasgow woman's 10km next June but for the moment I think I'll do a few more weeks of 30 mins and then start increasing time by a couple of minutes a week and see how I go! Btw how do you get a badge?

  • Well done you!! It's a great feeling to graduate isn't it :-D

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