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anyone else done the Stamina podcast?

but not running any faster? tried this new podcast this morning but found that, although my feet are moving quicker to the beat, Im not actually running any faster. garmin watch seemed to stay around the 11.50mph-12.10mph pace.

do you think that my stride will become longer & this become easier the more I do the podcast?

& did anyone else find the last 5 mins really fast on the feet? I found it very hard to keep time with the 1,2,3,4 footsteps.

having said all this I did thoroughly enjoy it though :) having new music always makes the runs go quicker. managed 32.35mins of this one but have only been running once or twice a week since the kids off school so my next aim will be to complete it all.

happy running (in all this glorious sunshine) X

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I tried stepping stones last week and found it slow, which is odd as lots of other people found it fast. And I listened to stamina and think it will be the same. I think it may be down to how tall you are. I suspect that short people already take little steps (but quickly) and so will find it slow, whereas tall people take bigger steps (slowly) and will find it more difficult. Laura looks taller than me, so if it was designed for her height, this would explain it.


May it is running in stilettos that does it?


hehe hadnt thought of that :)


I did the stepping stones podcast for the first time today. I also didn't seem to go any faster than before, but found it easier to do and more enjoyable. Am also short, I guess that has to make a difference :-)


I did stamina today and after weeks of limbo land trying to go 30 mins but struggling off 'a plan' and I absolutely loved it! I ran much slower than usual in time to the beat so only went 2.5 miles and couldn't manage to last five minute "fast" section but that is good as it gives me something to aim for, which it seems is exactly what I was lacking after graduating. I reall really enjoyed it


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