Beware the C25K+ Stamina podcast!

If you've recently graduated like me, do not try the Stamina podcast!!! It is seriously quick. I just attempted it with the expectation of it being just like W9 but a bit longer. I aborted the run a few minutes from the end having already completed my farthest (furthest?) run. I also managed to take over a minute off my 5k time!!!

Feel a bit disappointed that I didn't complete it but it really should have some sort of warning at the start of the track (yes, I did use the one with the intro). And whilst the beat is fine, I found the music really dull!

How do the Stepping Stones and Speed ones compare?


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19 Replies

  • What pace is it? Never tried it as I'm following a 10k plan ready to do some 10k event in 2016. Just curious! X

  • 160bpm which had me doing 1k splits of just over 6mins with my little legs.

  • 158,160, 165 Rlear. 35 somewhat challenging minutes for me, for sure!

  • Stepping stone is slower and shorter than Stamina. Speed is shorter and faster.

    I would suggest using Stepping Stone and Speed a few times, and also just try going for a run with your own music or a podcast - then retry Stamina. But even if you don't manage to do the whole thing the first few times, it really doesn't matter - just do what you can, then maybe jog slowly for a couple of minutes then do your warm down walk.

  • Thanks. I might give Stepping Stone a go next week. Going to go for a longer, slower run over the weekend to my own music. Hoping to do 5.5k and 35 mins at least.

  • Umm, why tell people not to do it when you've just run further and faster than you ever have? I'd say you should be telling people to use it as often as possible! It is a fast pace, but you got near to the end, I didn't manage that for ages...the point with these + podcasts is to use them as suits you, you don't have to keep up all the way if it's difficult, slow down for a bit then catch up again...I've knocked 14 minutes - yes fourteen minutes off my 5K time with Stamina, I won't hear it knocked, and don't let Miss Wobble hear you either!!! The music isn't dull, it's hypnotic and carries you along...stick with it, you'll be glad you did.

  • woohoo CurlyG! that's a-maze-ING!!! :)

  • Thank you, I'm well chuffed! I use speed and stamina regularly, and get results with both. Mind you, that 14 minutes has been over more than a year...

  • FOURTEEN MINUTES???!!!!?? Amazing lady! *bows*

  • From 48 to 34 - still some work to do...

  • I take your point! I just think Laura needs to warn people of how fast it is given that most people would complete C25K at a much slower pace. Perhaps a suggestion to start with Stepping Stone rather than Stamina?

  • Laura does tell you in the intro what you're about to attempt...

  • Hi- stepping stones is much easier. It takes you from 150 bpm to 160 bpm and is 30 mins. After graduation I had some problems and to get back to running I used W9R3 and then stepping stones. Last time I used stepping stones I found 150bpm a bit slow (me?! weird!) so I went on to stamina- whew yes that was a toughie but at least I ran 5k again - it takes me more than 30 mins for sure!- and really quite pleased with myself to have managed it because yes, it is a toughie.

    You need to have a pat on the back though, a whole minute off your 5K PB! and you kept going almost to the end! well done :)

  • Stepping stones is hard or am I just incapable of running to a beat?? maybe I was doing 2 steps to a beat instead of 1. I usually do 5k in about 34mins but with stepping stones I didn't even manage the distance (can't understand it). Anyway I'm happy I'm running and not in it for the speed fortunately.

  • They take practice. Don't give in! Try them all, mix them up. They are very good, just give them a thorough go ☺

  • I might give it a go. My pace is around 6 - 6:15/km. But if I'm only running 5km I can now do it in under 30mins. However it is over 3 months since I graduated.

  • whizzzz! check YOU out! :)

  • Stepping stone is easier. At least it was for me I haven't tried the speed one yet.

  • Same thing happened to me on Stepping Stones - had nothing left for last 2 mins of the run when I have never not finished before. Bit disappointing but I think I'll try again in a week or two when I'm feeling particularly energetic!

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