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C25K+ Stamina podcast

I used this podcast this morning -- I found that I was quite easily able to complete the 35 minutes non-stop running without really raising my breath very much at all.

BUT -- my legs found it to be excruciatingly painful. I think it is because running to the beats of the music (starts at 158 for 10 minutes, goes to 160 for 20 minutes and finishes with 5 minutes of 165) is too slow for me. To feel comfortable, I have to start at around 165BPM. I am going to give the original podcast a few more goes - but I have increased the BPM tempos by +6% and I think that ultimately that will suit me better to run to. I do like to run to music - but the beat really has to be right for me -- otherwise forget it!!!! :)

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Have you done speed? I like that one. It starts slow and is a bit deceiving

I was listening to some samples of the audiofuel tracks this evening, promped by Ju's post yesterday. We are familar with some of them already but I might treat myself to one of the interval ones. There's a free 20 minute coaching session which I'll download for a kick off


No - haven't done speed and don't think I will bother with it. It starts out at a very slow 150BPM and then does 6x 1minute "fast" intervals -- but those are only 165BPM


I reckon it's good and will test your legs. As I say it's deceiving, you think at first it's time bit it catches you out


Thank goodness for your post Bazza - I thought I was going mad! I have being running with the stamina podcast and have suffered terribly with pain in my legs- so much so that my left hip/thigh isn't recovering between runs. I was doing really well after graduating and could understand why I was struggling. I have tried to persevere - but perhaps its not just me. Back to the running tracks I think........


From what I can ascertain -- we all have a way of running. Some run with long loping strides ( mainly people with long legs but also those that run on their heels using heavily padded shoes) while others run different ways with shorter strides. Hence the number of steps we all take when running vary form time to time and form individual to individual. I seem to need a high cadence - but have found that most of the running music/podcasts are quite low cadence. In C25K, Laura advises people to run on their heels and the music provided seems to suit that. But with the way I run, it just gives me sore legs.

Try some of the different cadences provided at Podrunner - and you will soon come to realise that some will suit your running while others won't.


Thanks bazza. Will give podrunner a go


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