Stamina podcast:(

I graduated a couple of weeks ago and did my 1st park run last week, so thought I would give the stamina podcast a go today. Didn't go well! The pace was too fast for me to keep up with and I ended up exhausted! In fact the whole run from start to finish was a struggle. So I think I will leave that for now and just go back to running at my own pace- maybe it was too soon for me. I'm planning on doing another parkrun on sun, so hopefully I'll manage that, and today was just a bad day.


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10 Replies

  • You had a go anyway... :)

    I must admit.. after Graduation, I did quite a lot of runs just for fun, no pressure, no distance or time in mind.. and I called them my runs for joy!

    It was a while before I did the C25K+ podcasts...I did each one for a week of three runs each to see which suited me.. I love stamina and speed, but that is because I built up to them..Stepping Stones drove me, like a few of us, batty! We each find what suits us don't we ?

    You do right, just go at your own pace and enjoy the journey.. try again in a few weeks time maybe..Enjoy the Park run too :)

  • You're right oldfloss- I should just go at my own pace and enjoy it! I'll go back to the podcasts later on 😊

  • I tried Stepping a Stones once but couldn't get on with it at all. I've carried on using Week 9 for many of my runs - Laura keeps me company, but I'm supposed to be putting together a running playlist in the new year, so that I can wean myself off her. I've tried Speed, which I enjoyed but the run is too short, and I quite enjoyed Stamina, but I think I run at a fairly good pace for a new graduate (Stepping Stones was too slow for me).

    Might be worth just getting some consolidation runs under your belt before stretching yourself further. 😀

  • I'm going to do just that! Rushing things too much I think.

  • Lol ! I graduated more than 2 years ago and have never managed 'stamina' (I haven't tried very hard though) 'stepping stones' and 'speed' are great ! Maybe my New Years resolution should be to smash 'stamina'. Well done for trying...enjoy the parkrun.

  • I will thanks. I did a parkrun last week and it was hard going but I still enjoyed it. Didn't enjoy today at all!

  • Hahaha. Stamina. I've successfully finished it once, I've been running a couple of years. You did great. It's worth cracking it out every once in awhile for a challenge, but don't be upset if you don't finish it. It's hard, I think it's meant to be tough. Success is giving it a try. And you'll feel like a god when you do complete it, I was bragging to everyone that cared (and many that didn't).

  • Lol! Maybe I have been attempting too much too soon! Will go back to it eventually but just go at my own pace for now.

  • I use map my run and try beat myself, I can see how I've improved and even a bad day never looks so bad when you look at it. I can go anywhere from 30 to 37 minutes

  • I use mapmyrun as well. I will probably stick with that for now.

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