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Well, today I was not feeling too brill, but the kids had been packed off to grannies so there was no excuse for not going out for a run....

Needed Laura to hold my hand so decided to put on the stamina podcast. Not having the least idea what would be required I started the warm up walk, slightly faster than my normal as Laura tells you what beat to follow.

Then 3 lots of 10 minute runs, well, actually it's 30 minutes at two different paces. Great, I thought, I can do this, and I planned to nicely finish close to the car park with a 5 minute cool down walk. THEN! SHOCK! Laura says we are going to do a 5 minute invigorating run at a faster pace! 'You're taking the p**s', I thought.

However, not wanting to be beaten, I upped the pace (uphill, as there is no other way from the car park), and duly completed the 5 minutes. I have to say I was dead chuffed. Not only was I feeling fantastic, having started the podcast feeling rubbish, but I'd done the 35 minutes just as required!

So thanks Laura and NHS! I really enjoyed it!


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11 Replies

  • Well done! Stamina is a hard run so you should be proud of yourself. That invigorating last 5 mins is a doozy isn't it. ANd then Laura tells you to pay attention to your form with about 2 minutes to go. There was some colourful language from me at that point!

    Now reward yourself and have a well-earned day off tomorrow!

  • Thanks! I don't actually remember hearing Laura say anything during the last 5 mins - maybe I was huffing and puffing too much!

  • I'm pretty sure it's Stamina where she makes some remark about staying tall - could be Stepping Stones or even both :-) There's another bit on Stamina where she tells you to shake your arms out - I know I have to be at the bridge in the park at that point to be getting near my best time. Strange how some things stay with you as I haven't run Stamina in at least a month now.

  • Yes, she checks your posture several times, a real help as I'm sure I run a bit slap dash. Which podcast would you recommend trying next??

  • Way to go!

    Did it once and was dead-meat the following day, so HARD! Did you manage to run to the beat? I just can't get that down. Feel like I'm either running to slow or to fast. Frustrating.

  • oooo!! hope I don't feel too bad tomorrow! The beat was tricky to start with, but think I got the gist of it. Feel totally inspired to try the other two podcasts now. That's if I haven't eaten too much chocolate easter egg!!

  • Even more respec' if that was your first one :-)

    Stepping Stones and Speed are much easier but all have their place in my view. You may find Stepping Stone a bit slow to start with but give it a couple of trys - I find it useful if I'm tired to start with or coming back from a couple of weeks off.

  • Thanks. Will try stepping stones on Monday. Now I must put that easter egg away! My husband and children went and got me a big, fat 1Kilo one! Not good!

  • No one dared get me an Easter egg! I've lost 3 stone on Slimming World and they know better than to sabotage me (I'm quite capable of doing that myself, looking at my intake today). I did get a packet of micro-creme eggs though and ate 2 of them (shared the rest with husband) so I did get a little choc fix :-)

    Have fun with Stepping Stones - I forgot to say that Speed is good if you're short of time, and if you really get the interval bug (I find them more interesting than Stamina with its long run) try looking at podrunner or audiofuel for loads more ideas.

    Have a nice weekend!

  • You too. Have just read kilt legs blog etc. So looking forward to more running! Yippee!

  • Oh, forgot to say, well done for losing 3 stone! Awesome. I lost 3lbs when I started, but I wasn't really overweight, just full of cellulite. It's finally beginning to change!

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