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Just back from doing the stamina podcast for the first time, not at all sure that's for me....I found it really challenging, far too fast for too long...had to walk quite a few times (yes Bazza, I guess I can go back to running after!) and my KM splits were all slower than usual...I wasn't feeling 100% when I went out, feared I might have a "Paula Radcliffe" moment.. I misjudged where it might take me to as well, and had a long walk home after, no energy to keep jogging even. Started to shiver too, that's never happened before....

I've discovered from swimming that when I up my stroke rate, my distance per stroke is seriously reduced, seems like a waste of energy...perhaps it will be the same for running, although I will try this podcast a couple more times before giving up on it.


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  • Thanks for this post Curly. Sounds like one of those days to be written off and filed under 'glad it's done' and well done for NOT doing a P.Rad.

    I haven't tried this one yet but did find stepping stones (on treadmill) so far away from whatever my natural rhythm is I struggled to try to match the beat and could only do it by turning the speed up to something approaching 12k per minute speed which I am not yet ready for. I was having to take fewer but much longer strides - like the slo-mo bit at the start of Chariots of Fire but without the elegance! Not sure if this is the idea or if I am approaching this a*se before elbow (which is a challenging running style) :D

  • How strange, and so different from me! I have to take many many more but very tiny steps...I think it's good to try different things and mix it up a bit, but I probably won't try this one again for a bit...

  • Gawd! Maybe I should be taking twice as many steps instead of too few. Will give it another go.

  • I wasn't quite sure what you meant about 12KM per minute - that sounds really fast! If you run with the beat like Laura says, that's it isn't it?

  • Will report back after my effort later this morning ...

    Can only manage the 12k pace for about a minute and a half before lurching for the help (slow) button! so I am sure that's not what Laura intended. I am wondering if I was just doing one stride every two beats instead of on the beat. Not very musically minded! Right, just off to give it another go ...

  • Sounds like you really need to have Laura counting 1, 2, 3, 4 all the time. It is 1 count for every time a foot hits the ground, not every time your right foot hits the ground!! ;)

  • She does, in the speed one. Just about counts every stride so even I can't get it wrong. Have posted separately. :)

  • Sounds like it wasn't the most enjoyable run ever, but still it was a whole lot better than no run!

    The shivering doesn't sound too good. Sounds like you were getting cold, and obviously that can't be good when you're at the same time covered in sweat. Don't go and catch a cold now, please :)

  • Had a nice hot bath, feeling better now thanks!

  • I find my natural cadence rate is around 150 steps per minute, so the stamina podcast is much faster at 158/160/165 forcing me to take what feels like 'pigeon steps' to maintain a reasonable (ie maintainable) pace without causing me to collapse in a heap on the side of the road.

    I am sticking with it though, as I understand (and please someone correct me if I am wrong) that many smaller steps are better for your joints than fewer larger strides, due principally to the reduced impact of each step and bringing the 'forward reaching' (longer) stride back towards the mid-body line so that your foot falls beneath the body and helps also to avoid heal striking.

    I agree though it is hard work and I really struggle to move my arms that fast as it just feels so unnatural compared to my normal running stride.

    It sounds like you may be a bit under the weather, so it may have just been a bad day on the road. Do let us know how you get on next time when you feel a bit brighter.

    I agree with you regarding the swimming, swim smooth is my mantra in the water. Something I learnt from the 'Total Immersion' techniques on YouTube about the impact of streamlining body position vs stroke rate/power.

  • Where did my reply go? Grrr.... I think I run at about 150, or maybe even slower...I think it's good though to mix things up a bit, I know I am quite capable of tootling along at my own tortoise pace and never making any improvement...

    Do you use the "Swim Smooth" site as well? They are my hero's, I wasn't so keen on TI, it seems you have to pay for the videos, or is that not correct?

  • Yes I know the Swim Smooth site! I did buy a couple of the TI DVD's, but one was just a marketing film advertising their technique (why on earth would I want to pay for that?!) and the other was based on swimming repetitive 'balance/buoyancy drills' which you just cant do in a public pool and private pools are not long enough, so I abandoned it.

    I try to stick with the smooth and streamlined theory as much as I can though. Now all self taught! Look at the pool floor, not forwards, THE FLOOR, THE FLOOR!

  • Oh god, I might give this a miss for a while then. But knowing me I would have just slowed down a bit. And I have Bazza to thank as well for getting me to realise that it's ok to slow right down and even walk if it will enable you to carry on running after. These legs of ours are still getting used to all the strain we are putting them under.

  • Don't let me put you off, you might like it...

  • Nor me. Just tried the speed one and it was great in a masochistic sort of great way.

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