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Pins and Needles Near Run End - Update and Further Advice Please!

Hello again fellow runners!

I posted yesterday the following:

"I've just graduated on the c25k plan but I have struggled a bit over the last couple of weeks as I find I get 'pins and needles' in my left foot up to my calf in the last 5-8 minutes in the run. It gets so bad, it almost feels like I have a plaster cast on my foot!

Does anyone else have this problem or do you have any advice how I can combat this?"

Well, I've just come back from my run today and followed all of the advice from yesterday - loose laces and re-tieing my laces in a different way - but at my usual point of 5-8 minutes before the run end the pins and needles returned! :(

Has anyone got any other tips and advice? I fear it could be a medical thing now though - would an ankle/foot support help?

Thanks in advance for your response!

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I don't think I'd try the ankle support idea - my feeling is that if it is tight enough to offer support then it may be too constricting once your feet are warm and expand, which may well aggravate the pins and needles. I wore a stretch support on my ankle today and while I appreciated the support, by the time my run was over my foot had expanded and the support felt too tight around my foot and I was relieved to be able to remove it.

You could try the stretching exercises described in this article and see if things gradually improve:


Me again ! Did you have gait analysis when you bought your shoes ? If they aren't quite right for your feet, they may be putting pressure on a nerve which could cause the pins and needles. Also, you should really have your running shoes 1/2 a size larger than your usual shoes to allow room for your foot to expand - this also helps prevent blisters and bashed and bruised toes !

Good luck with getting it sorted. Pins and needles are horrible - I'm impressed that you can keep on running through them.


Thanks for those replies sfb350! :)

The article was fascinating - also good to know that other people have this problem as well! Will definitely try the stretches idea on my next run and see if that helps!

No, didn't have a gait analysis when I got my trainers but then I'm not sure that it would help as I saw a Panorama programme on fitness a few weeks back and they concluded (with the aid of science and professionals!) that there really wasn't much difference after analysis and what shoe you are given so that might be last resort for me! Might go to the GP though and see if they can refer me to a podiatrist/physio type person and have my nerves (and possibly my back from the article...)!

My trainers are 1/2 a size bigger than my 'normal' shoes... just wondering if I should try and run without socks to allow extra 'breathing room' for my feet?

Thanks for the luck - I need it! and I impress myself that I run through the pins and needles too though it is a real struggle and one I want to get rid of asap! ;D


Having had gait analysis and found that it transformed my running experience, I would find it hard to dismiss it. I went from having pain in feet, ankles and knees beforehand and the new shoes put a stop to all that.

I would imagine that no socks would be more likely to lead to blisters but perhaps thinner socks would be worth a try.


Well they did say on the programme that some would get the results they needed from having this analysis done but it wouldn't apply to everyone as most could wear any shoe without problem. I will bear it in mind but I think I will try the stretches and GP route first! :)

Hmmmm, yes thinner socks... maybe worth a shot! Will try that on my next run too. Thanks again sfb350! :)


I used to get pins and needles in one foot when I used the treadmills at the gym (walking not running), no idea why, but it was really annoying. Wearing exactly the same shoes, I haven't had that problem on c25k... until today. I put my trail shoes on to run outside but ended up going on the treadmill instead because I couldn't find my car key. I don't know if the different shoes contributed, but the pins and needles started just a few minutes in. I realised I was tending to run on my toes. I made a point of putting my heel down first (just as Laura told us to) and it quickly went away. I don't know whether this will work for you, but it's worth a try.


I'm pretty sure I don't run on my toes but will pay a bit of extra attention there just in case! ;) Thanks Legion! :)


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