Pins and Needles Near Run End?

Hello fellow runners!

I've just graduated on the c25k plan but I have struggled a bit over the last couple of weeks as I find I get 'pins and needles' in my left foot up to my calf in the last 5-8 minutes in the run. It gets so bad, it almost feels like I have a plaster cast on my foot! :(

Does anyone else have this problem or do you have any advice how I can combat this?

Thanks in advance for your response! :)


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12 Replies

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  • Do you have your laces done up too tightly? I've been the victim of 'dead feet' for that very reason!

  • I don't think I do - I always like any footwear I wear to be be a little loose! :)

    Did you get it in both feet or just one?

  • More in my right foot as that is my lead leg - it may be worth checking, just in case though.

    As long as your shoe doesn't fly off half way through your run! :-\

  • Will definitely check and make sure my shoe doesn't take flying lessons! Lol! :D

  • Obvious question, I know, but have you changed your shoes or insoles recently? I remember I had a similar problem when I bought some new shoes.

  • No, the trainers aren't new - started using them a couple of months before c25k.

  • It might be the way your shoes are tied. Have a look at this article with suggestions on how to tie your shoelaces to stop cramp/tightness (3rd one down probably applies to you),...

  • Thanks but can you re-post the link please - it goes to a 404 error? :/

  • Not sure why it posted like that (only half the link highlighted), just copy the entire line and paste into a new window and it should work :)

  • Ah, got it! Will re-lace my trainers and let you know - my next run is tomorrow morning... fingers crossed! :)

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  • I was getting the same thing. I stopped tightening my shoes as much and now its gone away although my shoe isnt as tight as i would like!

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