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Owch! Week two... something went wrong

Bit sad this week - went out on the first run of week two yesterday and got a real pain in the back of my shin part way through one of the runs. Tried to persevere, but aware that as an inexperienced runner I shouldn't push it, hobbled my way painfully back to the car.

The drive home was a nightmare trying to push the clutch pedal...

Anyway, looks like I have pulled (or possibly torn :-/) my shin muscle.

Am trying to be sensible and rest it, put ice on it and not walk about - it is agony and very embarrassing hobbling around at work after only one week of trying to exercise! So I think I will probably be out of action for a week or two and will likely have to go back to week one to get back on track. Very frustrating but I am hoping that I will learn from this - will certainly be looking at additional warm up exercises once I get back running again...

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I also suffered from shin pain, you need to apply RICE(!) rest, ice, compression and elevation. Which it sounds like you are. I also spoke to my experienced runner friend who suggested additional calf stretches which in turn will stretch the shin muscles. I wish you a speedy recovery, don't give up and restart when you are feeling stronger x


Thanks for your advice and for passing on advice from your running pal about this. Actually it was my calf muscle - I wrote my blog whilst rather pain-addled! So what you've suggested should definitely help. Am also considering running on grass to reduce impact. Thanks again!


Good luck x


I'm no expert being only on Wk 2 ready for run3 tomorrow, but in the past every time I did some exercise, I managed to hurt myself quite bad. I couldn't walk for nearly a week after a spinning class left my legs feeling like broken wood. Lactic acid "rush" is my worst fear with exercise.

So far with this training, I haven't had any major pain (touch wood) but I start my fast walking as soon as I leave my house and then start the podcast only when I reach the park where I train. So, I have a 10/15 min warm up and to keep me walking fast, I listen to some nice, fast rhythm tunes. Same for the cool down and once at home I do plenty of stretching.

I found it nicer to run/walk on the grass, but be careful with hidden holes, branches etc

Another thing I quite like is tiger balm or deep heat massage on the sore muscle before going to bed! Don't overdo it but don't give up!


More good advice. I'm not back running yet. Went for a lunchtime walk and it made the pain cone back! So I am going to wait until it doesn't hurt at all before running again. Very frustrating! Thanks.


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