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Two steps forward, one back!


Ok, having had two whole weeks and one day off from running thanks to an ankle/shin splint type injury on my right inner ankle while doing a ten miler, I am going out this evening for a cautious twenty-thirty minutes nice and easy to see how it's feeling. We went to Cardiff for the weekend and walked about ten miles doing treasure hunts in four different places and it was feeling ok after that so I'm hopeful that things are finally on the mend.

If all well I'm going to go back to a couple of weeks of three x thirty min runs to get myself back into the swing of things. I am all too aware how easy it will be to overdo it again and am SO fed up with not being able to get out and also having gained three pounds in the process I am aware if I don't get back out on the road I am going to be like a small elephant by Easter!

I laid out my running vest and capris before coming into work so bring it on!!!


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good luck CaroleC, its tempting to keep going, but your right to listen to your body, hope the vest got an airing!


Hope it goes well tonight Carole, I was hoping to run today, but had to do a bit of walking earlier and can feel my ankle is sore, so will do something else instead, it is so frustrating!


Good luck on the come back trail Carole.


I said to OH I needed to get out running, (or I was going to go mad!!) so he said let's do a slow run walk together as he prefers his bike usually. We took it nice and easy, beautiful balmy evening, ran all around the lanes and hills (running easy the flats and downs, walking the uphills). My ankle held out, just, and is throbbing a bit now, but not too bad. I am going to stretch and ice it now.

Thanks for the good wishes everyone - so happy I got out. I won't run again till Wednesday now, I'll let you know how the ankle feels in the morning!!



Hope all goes well with the ankle Carole. I had an aborted run on Thursday and missed Saturdays run as not feeling too well but also went away for the weekend and ended up walking about 8 miles on Saturday and 5 miles on Sunday doing geocaching in Dorset. It was lovely spending so much time walking with OH again but hopefully I'll feel up to running again tomorrow.

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