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Another new experience - but not a good one😰

I think I've got the dreaded shin splints. Felt good after my 10 k on Thursday, but 24 h later on the way home from work my right shin started to hurt. The symptoms fit, I'm not too chuffed about the prognosis and treatment, but I'm pretty much resigned to a minimum of 2 weeks on the IC. So having bombed through the c25k programme and tried all sorts of things after graduation I have now got my first running injury - ever. Even in a previous running life (well, attempted running) I never got shin splints. But now I know. And I think I had to find out the hard way - how do you know where your limits are if you don't push yourself towards them - and sometimes over them?

I'm trying not to fret, will take this as a learning experience. I will cross train and try not to walk too much. That might prove difficult, as I have to do some walking to get to work (we are one of those very unusual families without a car!). Instead of up and out first thing in the morning it's going to be up and working out. Strength and flex in the morning instead of evening. And I need to find a few exercises specifically for shin splints - any ideas welcome!

And, of course, I will be reading avidly here and trying not to go green with envy.  

Happy running, everybody!

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Aw Jaysee, sorry to hear this , you are doing exactly the right thing though in taking a break on the IC.

I think doing heel raises and calf lifts are good exercises for shin splints , if you search on here for shin splints there will be lots of good advice .

Hope its not too long before youre back out there xxx



Oh my goodness.. poor you... I had never heard of them before running and had to look them up to see what they were..!

Sounds absolutely horrid! Please take care.. you seem to know how to treat them and loads of folk on here will help I know. 

Huge hug, Flossx


Oh no! You have no choice but to stay on the IC but how annoying! Hope you make a quick recovery. 


Lots of ice! Hope you feel better soon x


Rest is not something any of us want to do, but sometimes it is the very best thing to do 😕!  When I had a knee and shin issue, I rested and when I returned to running, only went on grass - harder work but my legs felt great after that and never had a recurrence of shin issues since

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