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W-6/R-3 success but am I doing something wrong :-(

Hey hi everyone

How is it going ?

Today I completed week 6 run 2 !! I won't say it was very good run but was successful to run for 10 mins for two time without stoping .. Thanks to LAURA

As days are passing by with week 6 it is getting harder

In today's run I was tired too soon after the first round of 10 mins of run the second run of 10 mins was hard enough

I was breathless and huff and puff .

Even for the first time felt some pain in the legs shin .

I was just asking my self one question that if I can run for 20 mins non stop why can't I run this?

Any advice or suggestion or am I missing something or doing something wrong

#*#* upset over bad performance..

Hope week 6 run 3 will go good

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1) Don't panic or worry bad runs or even weeks are very common 2) think about doing a week again or an extra run at that level it took me longer than 9 weeks to graduate 3) may be you need to think about your pace as well, it is not how far you run that matters remember.

Hang on in there, you have achieved a huge amount in a short space of time.

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I will surely consider the advices

Hope the run 3 goes nicely


Ah, that';s the thing abut W6, it gets most of us like that. Just put it behind you and your next run will be better! That said though, it looks like you covered a long way, do you think you might be going too fast? Slow down a bit maybe and see how that goes?


Hey hi


I think in next run I will surely slow down a bit hope this strategy works


Oh - you've just suffered the curse of Week 6 - that's all! Week 6 can be really tricky after the elation of the 20 min run. Stop beating yourself up though as you did complete it. So onwards to run 3 and then Week 7 which you might actually find easier.

Regarding the huffing and puffing though I suggest that you are trying to run much faster than what your fitness allows at the moment. Give yourself a break and slow it right down. Oh and those shin pains - are your trainers adequate? Best watch that and take extra rest days if needed.

Good luck with your next run & keep posting.




Hi Viranparvez,

It's quite common to find week 6 hard after the elation of completing W5R3. I know I was surprised by how difficult W6 seemed after managing the 20 minute run the previous week.

I dont know why it's like that. Maybe it is because we look at W6 and think that it is going to be easy after W5R3 and so we start off too fast. Or maybe W5R3 takes a lot out of us and we havnt fully recovered from it for W6. I think it's probably the former, but I dont know.

Dont worry though Viranparvez, it does get easier. Completing W5R3 means that you definately have what it takes to complete the program. You just need to pace yourself, and do as Laura tells you. Just a gentle light jog, dont push to hard. Keep running regularly after C25K and the speed and stamina will increase automatically without you noticing.

Well done for getting this far. Happy running :)

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Well done on running through it even though you didn't feel so good about it. I can only reiterate what has already said but would suggest you try going a bit slower if you are huffing and puffing. It may well just be the let down after the high of your 20 min run so just go easy on yourself and good luck with your 25 min run :) Happy running



Let's wish that the 25 mins goes smoothly


Hi Virani, you are doing so well, please dont worry

Week 6 is tricky, it has caught a lot of us out , so dont think this is any failiure on your part, it really isnt .

If you are out of breath, slow it right down.

Dont panic , everything is going to be okay, you are doing great ! :-) xxx

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Next time I would be going slow

Run 3 is tomorrow

Let's see how it goes


Good idea to slow myself down a bit. Shins a limitless painful too after yesterday, so will take that advice for sure. Hope you had a good run


Today was my wk6 run 2, too. I still feel tired even though I did it this morning. The cold really got to me today, too, so extra layer next time.


Great so atlast found some one on my same week and run

All the best for run 3

I am going for it tomorrow wish me luck


Absolutely! Good luck. I also hope to tick of run 3 tomorrow. Maybe we'll compare notes? Go for it and good luck x


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