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excercising with broken ankle

as if using the frame is not excercise itself.

Managed to get to my stationary bike today it is very stable and a bucket seat so felt safe once on. My OH strapped leg on peddle with the strap secure and I just moved pedals around slowly only did about 10 mins with no real after problems so will build that in now.

Still have 4 full weeks in plaster and then I will try swimming.

It just felt good to be moving it more.

I am 60 on Monday not quite were I hoped to be but things are getting easier.

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Glad to hear things are improving a little for you glendam, your determination to keep your fitness up is amazing. Good luck & I hope the ankle heals swiftly.


Do you have to go to the gym to use the stationary bicycle ? I've got a contraption that you can put your ordinary bicycle on to (you have to remove one wheel) and use it as an exercise bike. If it is any use to you, you're welcome to it - it's just sat in my cupboard at the moment. It would mean you could exercise at home.


Wow thats dedication, hope your ankle soon heals. Have a lovely birthday Monday.:)


Great stuff! Really well done and an inspiration to all us injured folk.


There is no stopping this woman , in her pursuit to get back on the road again -----one way or the other.


In our get fit for 50 campaign we bought a treadmill and the bike and a rower and converted part of the garage to a gym. It went very unused until this year when I became committed to getting fit for the rest of my life and to see my grandchildren grow up.

So no excuse its on my doorstep.

Thanks everyone just stops me feeling like a complete slob.


Exercise biking with a broken ankle, eh?; that really is committment. Well done you; seriosuly impressed.


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