Ankle rest required, grrrrrrr

Well I think entering my first race may have jinxed me!

Went running yesterday morning (B210K W2R3) and my thigh felt a bit funny and during the interval walks I felt a little wobbly and now i have a sore right ankle on the inside of the leg, hurts if you press just above the nobberly bit (I think that makes sense), which is playing my knee up slightly. I can only assume one thing has affected how i run, which has set everything else off. Poor me :-(

I can only assume that I've upped by Ks too quickly. Anyway I hate to say it, but I've got to rest up, I was so looking forward to a couple of runs this week, especially one in my home town when visiting the folks and exploring old roads and memories - although it maybe better by the weekend -fingers crossed. Then it will only be a week until the race, gulp!!

May try a swim on Thursday.

Never mind, hopefully it won't be too long :-) any advice greatly received.


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13 Replies

  • Oh no Phil, you must feel so disappoined! Last time it was your knees and now your ankle. Apart from ice, feet up high and rest, I reckon you should try and see a doctor who is a sports' specialist e.g.

    I lost my kneecap in my mispent youth and have a metal support in my leg, so I see a sports' specialist regularly. In Italy it's private, but I think it's worth it as they give you exercises to do and sometimes electro-stimulation (sounds awful but it's OK) as well as massage.

    Sorry you can't run round your home town this time, but next time around you'll be better ;-) Chin up Phil and very Good luck, Delia

  • Thanks, on the whole I'm fine, I now know that even if I have a few weeks out (I'm still hoping It will be a lot less) I know I will run again I love it too much.

    Also I've entered a 10k in Manchester in May 2013 (one of the great north runs) so there's something to aim / look forward to.

    Thanks for the info, I'm thinking about waiting a week to see how it feels, then possible GP or a sport physio visit.

  • So sorry to hear this Phil! My doctor just recommends rest and ibuprofen, I think he's only interested in me be able to walk, which I can, so not much joy there! You're doctor may be more sympathetic.

    There is a Sports physio which I've been contemplating, on Whitegate Drive in Blackpool. They charge £50 for a consultation though!

    Fingers crossed for you, hope its ok.

  • Thanks gridlet, the GP I saw with my knees was quite supportive (even if he tried to talk me out of running, in favour of swimming and cross training) so I would consider going to see him again, otherwise I might check out the clinic you mention or a more local option.

    Gonna see what a week brings first and a bit of RICE

  • If you do go and see them, please let me know If they are any good will you?

  • Yes, I will. They come with recommendation from a seasoned runner who I work with.

  • Good to know, thanks

  • Hi, my ankle injury to ok 4 weeks to get back to normal and I had pain exactly where you described. Hope yours heals quicker.

  • That's sounds good, although I think I was hoping for a week :-) but four week doesn't sound too bad.

  • I hope you get better soon but please please rest enough and don't run if it's painful.

  • I will, went to an NHS drop in centre today, maybe better in a week, but I'm going to wait until no twinges + 2 days :-)

  • Do you think you need to see sports physio before you run?? just a suggestion:-)

  • Probably, but will have to wait and see if I do - you know what it's like, us runners are good at giving advice, but really bad at following it :-) even our own advice. Thanks

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